In the fast-growing field of beauty and skincare products, Instagram stunner and business owner Erin C. AKA @i_ambourne is hoping to make a splash while showing off her natural beauty while pushing her wares. The New Jersey jaw-dropper is our latest Baes & Baddies entry.

We don’t know much about Ms. Victoria Antoinette, but we can see she’s clearly out here promoting and hustling while showing off her good looks and sultry shape.

We don’t know much about the stunning and curvy Indian beauty but she’s definitely not in the business and evidenced by her bio.

The Los Angeles curve model and correspondent is our latest Baes and Baddies entry.

If you’re missing the sex-tinged dancehall chunes from artists like Lady Saw, the lovely Danielle “Danielle D.I.” Isaacs has you covered. Meet our latest Baes & Baddies entry. Check out the lyric video for her x-rated single “Addicktion” by following this link.  

While she might not have a lot of height on her competition, bite-sized Puerto Rican beauty Sunshine has cakes aplenty to go along with her around-the-way-girl looks. The DMV-based Latinx bombshell is our latest Baes and Baddies entry.

There isn’t a lot of information out there on top-heavy Texas baddie Katarra, but there’s plenty of pictorial evidence that she does indeed have some Texas-sized ta-tas.

Iryna Ivanova, the busty Playboy Playmate that blessed DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One” video literally bouncing on top of a horse, apparently was promised some cash for her appearance in the clip. Khaled, a purveyor of blessings and strong words of encouragement, avoided becoming one of the dreaded “they” and paid Ivanova for her busty […]

Kristin Douglas, better known as @Simplykristinmd, is more than just a pleasantly curvy and drop dead gorgeous woman. Douglas and her powerful backside almost broke the Internet when she was rumored to be Beyoncé’s cousin,  and currently holds it down as a nurse and a notable fashion maven that uses her Instagram page to promote […]

While booty reigns supreme for most, there are some who prefer the curves up top just as much as the ones on the bottom. Unique, an active and rising Instagram thirst trap expert, has two ingredients that sit in front of her that will most certainly catch the eye.

Briana Bette continues to shine in her many creative endeavors and still repping for Texas strong. The curvy Texas beauty has been on our site two times in the past for very good reasons, and we’d figure as the saying goes, “third time’s a charm.”

Usually, we try to come up with something witty to describe our Baes and Baddies entries, but truthfully this lovely young lady’s curves will do all the talking for us. Hailing from sunny Los Angeles is Gabby Gavino, and she’s got the Internet going a little crazy after posting a weekend video of her cheeks […]