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Crisana Mariyah might be a veteran of the video vixen and urban modeling scene, but that’s not all she is. The dynamic New York native is also a notable brand ambassador and event host with no plans of stopping her grind anytime soon.

Zuleyka Rivera, the 2006 Miss Universe, turned heads after her appearance in Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” which is the most-viewed video on YouTube. With Rivera announced to join Fonsi onstage at this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony as a performer, Twitter went crazy at the news and the chatter is still heavy.

Funeral Fox is a hell of a name for a model, but we’ll take it means something along the lines of that she slays. Whatever the deeper meaning behind her name, the sultry New Jersey model is a curvy cup of hot chocolate that’ll definitely keep you warm.

Ciara has definitely been in sharing mood on Instagram lately and nobody should be complaining at all. Yesterday the “Goodies” singer tastefully showed off her goodies with the help of her Superbowl Champion QB, husband Russell Wilson. He is one lucky guy and these new photos express that he knows it. 

Actor Michael B. Jordan has seemingly divided Black Twitter today after it came out that he’s allegedly found himself a new love, although some fans weren’t happy with the fact that the woman in question didn’t appear to be Black. Without assuming too much, it appears Jordan’s rumored boo piece Ashlyn Castro is a woman […]

If you’re a brand or business in need of a lovely lady to bring about interest to what you’re pushing, there’s no shortage of ambassadors out there willing to pull their weight to get attention aimed at one’s wares. For Viandra “Via” Dunn, the Los Angeles-based model and actress definitely has the face and frame […]

We don’t know much about the sultry ShayLiving, but what we can tell you is that the Instagram beauty is well beyond being easy on the eyes. The top-heavy and slim-framed ShayLiving is our latest Baes & Baddies entry and as you’ll see below, there’s a couple of reasons for that.

Actress and model Amy Jackson splits time between Los Angeles and New York City. The curvy Ms. Jackson is our latest Baes & Baddies entry.

Demetria Obilor, a traffic anchor for ABC Channel 8 in Dallas, landed on the radars of many after a Facebook hater couldn't handle the yams onscreen.

Miami-based fitness model Yovanna Ventura is best known as a close friend and alleged ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. She's our latest Baes & Baddies entry.

Ciera Rogers first crossed our paths when her Babes and Felines fashion line for curvy women was getting off the ground. She's back for Baes & Baddies.

Liberia's Edwina Wehjla, an ultra-fit student at Boston University's School of Medicine, has been turning heads via her Instagram account.