The statute of limitations on the allegations made by Janice Dickinson, Bill Cosby’s most famous accuser, has long ran its course. So she’s found another way to get back at the heavily slandered comedic legend. She’s suing him for defamation.

Dr. William Henry “Bill” Cosby Jr. did himself no favors with his interview with ABC’s Good Morning America where he was supposed to finally address the nearly insurmountable rape allegations against his character.

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Bill Cosby finally addressed the multiple rape allegations that have been leveled against him. However, the actor and comedian’s answer amounted to blabbering and gibberish about anything but the question at hand. 

The Bill Cosby accusers. have been gainfully employed since the embattled comedian legend last made an attempt to salvage his reputation, and now he’s speaking out again, albeit indirectly.

Bill Cosby doesn’t have many friends these days so when someone does something nice for him, he’s sure to acknowledge them in public.

Bill Cosby’s allegations of a former sex drug peddler continues with the testimony of a former entertainment executive who alleges her career in Hollywood began with a headache courtesy of the beloved television dad.

Any interviewer with even a remote sense of what’s happening in the public discourse is asking people about the allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted nearly three dozen women.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner has finally faced the music when it comes to the former Cosby Show actors reacting to the media wildfire regarding Bill Cosby.

Twitter and its inhabitants never fail on offering up new ways to combat the boredom monster. Thanks to AfterFFriday, an outlet dedicated to give followers weekly hashtag games, the trending topic #RejectedTVShowNames has sprouted plenty of hilarious results.

As expected, the list we compiled for the Bill Cosby accusers has quickly grown outdated as not one nor two but three women have come forward with new stories that align with much of what we’ve grown accustomed to hearing.

Phylicia Rashad has just added herself to the relatively small, but poignaint list of famous people who have stood by Bill Cosby’s side in the wake of one of the most smearing sexual allegations scandal to ever strike down a celebrity.

Just because the good Dr. William Henry Cosby, Jr. saw his world implode last year due to insurmountable sexual assault allegations and public shaming doesn’t mean he’s out of the clear in 2015.