Bill Cosby’s Hollywood star was badly defaced with a direct reference to his ongoing public slander, and the vandals didn’t use a magic marker.

It appears Bill Cosby is choosing his battles wisely, or at least the ones he knows he can prove.

Various celebrities vouching for Bill Cosby’s ensuing scandal can’t overshadow the fact that his stock is plummeting faster than Black Tuesday.

If there is one hardened fact regarding the ongoing Bill Cosby sexual assault saga, it’s that the slandered cultural icon has yet to be to charged with any crimes. There was an out-of-court settlement years ago and a lawsuit filed earlier this week, but still no charges or convictions. Nonetheless, his reputation has been damaged […]

Bill Cosby may have a couple of famous friends in this world, but the court of public opinion has already tried him, found him guilty, and burned his body at the stake.

The onslaught of Bill Cosby rape/sexual misconduct allegations have provided a lot of hearsay with no action.

Add Jill Scott to the pot of Philadelphians in hot water over Bill Cosby’s growing list of rape allegations.

Although Bill Cosby is currently public enemy #1 in America, two Black television stations have no plans to follow the path of TV Land, NBC and Netflix and separate their programming from anything associated with the embattled entertainment icon.

In more Bill Cosby alleged sexual predatory news, two ladies with stripes in the entertainment biz are stepping forward with more allegations that continue to paint the once beloved TV show dad as a creepy uncle who can’t be left alone.

Janice Dickinson is intent on convincing the world that she’s not calling wolf–or rape in her shocking allegations regarding Bill Cosby.

Model-actress Angela Leslie is now the eighth woman to come forward and say Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her.

Bill Cosby’s legacy is already doing the doggy paddle in the sewer, so what’s one more bombshell turd to keep his name sullied?