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While elder statesmen Bill Cosby has caused controversy by his highly critical remarks about the Hip-Hop generation, he has not stood on the sidelines making speeches, he took action and released Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency. Putting his money where his mouth is, he teamed up with his long-time musical collaborator, William […]

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Cliff Huxtable,  b.k.a. Bill Cosby, is accepting an award past due for his comedic abilities. The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor will be presented to him for his successful endeavors in the world of comedy. The 72-year-old had been offered the award two times before but refused to accept it after hearing performers use […]

Bill Cosby, the man noted for his socially conscious opinion made headlines after announcing that he was releasing a rap album. As previously reported while the album is backed with his blessing, Bill will not rap or sing, instead the Cosnartati Band will lend their vocal and lyrical talents to the project. Tonight Bill and […]

Many times we don’t want to listen to old heads when we know what they say is right. Bill Cosby has been holding a mirror to Black America over the last few years and rightfully so as teenage pregnancy, high school drop out rates and murders like that of Derrion Albert seem to become normal. […]

When asked what her favorite book was girl I knew in school once said, “Books be wack yo”. It’s the kind of statement that would make Bill Cosby’s heart skip a beat, but the fact is many people are not excited about reading. Enter the Vook. It is what it sounds like. The Vook’s makers […]

Activist, politician and perpetual presidential candidate Ralph Nader has released a new book. Say what you will about Nader the man but Nader the author insists that you not call “only The Rich Can Save Us” fiction. Instead he prefers to think of it as “a fictional vision that could become a new reality.” In […]

America’s # 1 Dad, Bill Cosby, will be having a frank discussion in Detroit about parenting, health, and education in America. The event will be moderated by the Independent Women’s Forum president Michelle Bernard, who organized the event with Cosby. He will be on a panel with other U.S. parenting experts. The main topic is […]

America’s favorite TV dad is, once again, calling to attention the budget cuts public schools have suffered, this go round, it’s Detroit’s public school system. Bill Cosy, the well-known 72-year-old actor/comedian has decided to throw his celebrity support behind the school system that has endured plummeting enrollment, fiscal crisis and potential bankruptcy. “All around the […]

America’s favorite father, Bill Cosby, joined Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell at a news conference Wednesday to back his cause for funding of public schools in the state. The two applauded the improvements that the schools have already made in the standardized test scores in math, reading and blasted the Republicans’ notion to cut funding to […]