Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean fans think the crooner has something up his sleeve. He recently cleared his Instagram account and his supporters think a new album is on the way.

Frank Ocean is going from ambassador to owner. The crooner is launching his own luxury brand called Homer.

The 18-year-old brother of the Grammy-award winning singer Frank Ocean has died.

Frank Ocean has once again taken his talents to the fashion game. He is now the face for one of the coveted brands in the world.

R&B recluse, Frank Ocean wants to provide a safe space for folks to party. His new club night that aims to do so is launching in New York City, Thursday (Oct.17).

While Frank Ocean may never fully embrace the celebrity spotlight he has made some recent strides that should be commended. He explains why he is opening up in a new magazine feature.

Frank Ocean

After months of rumors of a Frank Ocean and Nike collaboration being in the works, the Odd Future artist has finally revealed… something.

Frank Ocean

Is Frank Ocean about to make his highly anticipated return? We don’t know for sure but the Blonde singer took to his IG page (which is a private account by the way) and posted a video in which he’s rocking out to what sounds like a new Frank Ocean cut.

Frank Ocean was reportedly seeking a cease and desist order against Travis Scott over the singer’s appearance on the Houston rapper’s ASTROWORLD album. Ocean took to Tumblr to clear any concerns, saying that the pair worked out their legal differences weeks ago.

Among the several artists that contributed to Travis Scott‘s chart-topping Astroworld album, fans were excited to find that Frank Ocean was among them. According to sources close to the singer, Ocean is displeased with his appearance on Scott’s record and is allegedly using legal means to have his vocals removed.

Frank Ocean and Sa-Ra Creative Partners member Om’Mas Keith have been involved in a legal back and forth for the better part of the year regarding Ocean’s Blonde album. Keith initially sued Ocean for not getting a co-writing credit for the record, but the singer is demanding that the lawsuit gets tossed because he says […]

Back in February, Frank Ocean sued producer Om’Mas Keith over the producer’s claims he wrote some tracks for Ocean’s second solo album, Blonde. Keith has since countersued Ocean, claiming that a deal the pair made for the Odd Future singer’s debut album, Channel Orange, did not carry over to the new project.