The 23-year-old college student went from the Dean’s List to the judge’s bench after facing more than 300 felony counts related to trafficking dozens of guns into New York City.

It appears that the heroic ancestor Harriet Tubman may be on that $20 bill after all, as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave her endorsement for the move while appearing before the House Financial Service Committee on Thursday.

In 2012, Hip-Hop legend and business mogul Jay-Z brought the Made In America music festival to Philadelphia, Pa., and every year since, the colossal musical extravaganza has brought us some of the biggest names across genres and has headlined artists who define the current culture.

As we celebrate the birthday of Malcolm X, who was born as Malcolm Little on born May 19, 1925, we highlight five of his quotes that give a glimpse into the brilliance that he presented throughout his short life before his assassination in 1965.

Here's the full list of winners at the 2020 BET Awards, which was hosted by Amanda Seales and aired virtually on Sunday (June 28) on CBS & BET. 

“Burn Hollywood burn I smell a riot” Those are the lyrics that opened Public Enemy’s “Burn Hollywood Burn,, the first song that Ice Cube appeared on after he left NWA in 1990. Now as Minneapolis burns with protests following the tragic murder of George Floyd celebrities such as Lebron James, Beyonce, Barack Obama, John Boyega […]

Being Black in America has always had it’s challenges but as more statistics move the forefront we are seeing concrete proof of cities and states in America not only targeting Black people for existing but it’s also for profit.

If you were ever unclear of what President Donald Trump and his constituents stand for, the latest video screened by supporters at his latest rally definitely gives you a clear eye view.

When you’re young, school is definitely the place you expect to be protected. But for a young Black girl in Fairfax, VA that is not the case.

Trump‘s former lawyer Michael Cohen is going on record to put Trump’s racist rhetoric on front street. In an interview with Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox , he claims no. 45 made many disparaging remarks aimed at Black folks.