The Obama administration’s health care proposal has both enticed and angered a number of American citizens across the country. With town-hall meetings erupting into violent spats between supporters and opponents, it’s no surprise the Obama administration would reconsider portions of the proposal. During a debate in Monday, the focal point of the debate was whether […]

In recent weeks, town-hall meetings on the Obama administration’s proposed health care reform have sent tempers a ablaze and, in some cities, escalated to violence among supporters and protestors. High-ranking Senatorial Democrat, package Durbin, recently criticized the demonstration, and referred to the upsets as a violation of “the democratic process.” In sharp contrast, however, Republican […]

President Obama is scheduled to meet with the leaders of Mexico and Canada in Guadalajara, Mexico on Monday to discuss a broad range of issues. The President of the United States arrived in Mexico’s second largest city Sunday evening to meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper. Although the three […]

An unlikely candidate is going to take a chance and run for office in Russia, all thanks to our inspirational president Barack Obama. Joaquim Crima, a 37-year-old native of Guinea Bissau took residence in southern Russia after acquiring a degree at a local university. In his campaign, Crima pledges to take on internal corruption and […]

On the 100th day of President Obama’s term, media outlets around the nation recklessly criticized his administration and policies without taking into consideration the time it it may take to repair an 8-year-old deficit. But now that the second hundred days in approaching, nobody seems to take notice or take the time to critique. “It’s […]

A poster of Obama in make-up resembling the Joker, a character from the film “The Dark Knight,” went viral immediately in the streets of Los Angeles, under the image is the word “socialism.” The “artist” remains silent. As if the picture isn’t discourteous enough, the implication of Obama single-handedly reforming government and society into socialism […]