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GOP Twitter is literally going crazy over an unsubstantiated claim about President Obama. Someone please call 911.

As previously reported, this whole “Obama is Muslim” claim is because of what some guy said to Donald Trump at rally yesterday (Sept. 17).  “We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims,” the man said. “You know our current president is one, he’s not even American.”


Surprisingly, the crowd didn’t applaud him. One guy (seen sitting behind Trump) looked petrified, others were stone-faced.

Undeterred by the tepid reception, the man continued talking about Muslims, and Isis. Trump didn’t correct him about the Obama comment, but he answered the Isis question with a vague synopsis on “a lot of different things” that he’ll be looking into (yeah right).

The rest of the story played out in the GOP sector of the Twitterverse (a.k.a. Conservative Twitter, a.k.a. Birther Twitter).

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