soulja boy

The breakout sensation from Toronto, Drake, signed his name on the dotted line once again. Drake officially signed with ICM Management yesterday. The company will handle all his tour dates and branding. The newest Young Money affiliate is in good company with ICM who also represents Beyonce, Halle Berry, Idris ELba and Katt “No I’m […]

The latest celebrity Twitter battle involves the young and the senseless. Rev. Run’s son, Jo Jo Simmons received a Twitter jab from Soulja Boy Tuesday after announcing to all 34,000 + of his followers that SB wasn’t “too dope” lyrically while posting a link to his song “Patriotic”. Jo Jo’s Tweet read: “Lyrically Soulja Boy […]

Twitter was abuzz over the weekend as news of Atlanta’s resident trapper, Gucci Mane La Flare, was rumored to have been arrested and sent to jail. Fellow rap stars Soulja Boy and Nicki Minaj were some of the first people to speak on the rumor of the underground rap king’s recent apprehension at the hands […]

On what can only be described as a Twitter break down, Soulja Boy went off about “crackers” and people not knowing “who the fu*k he really is” late last night on Twitter. What set him off was a tweet from Ozone Magazine writer, Jen McKinnon, saying that she was disappointed in his Gangsta Grillz mixtape. […]

The Bloods and the Crips were left without guidance after the Black Panther Party and the Civil Rights Movement were destroyed. And just like those kids without guidance, Soulja Boy is the result of Hip-Hop elders abandoning the movement long before he came and wrongfully putting the blame on him for the mess they created. […]