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Headsets are always great, but gamers have been screaming for a pair of true wireless earbuds to use while gaming. The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds are a solid attempt.

Snapchat is putting its money where its mouth is and is looking out for Black content creators.

Nope, we still can't edit tweets after we hit send, BUT soon we can drop blog posts instead of being reduced to threads.

INTERIOR/NIGHT's first release as As Dusk Falls is poised to be one of those gems that many people should be playing. Here's why.

We know many of you still don’t have a PlayStation 5, so this news isn’t for you. But for those who have been fortunate to find one in the wild, the report of a PS5 Pro Controller might interest you.

Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner, and Prime Subscribers who enjoy picking up the sticks are in for a treat, FREE GAMES.

The bored billionaire Elon Musk finally addressed Twitter employees since striking a $44 billion deal to purchase the social media company.

Square Enix finally unveiled  Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary live stream to break the fantastic news.

The folks at Xbox have more good news following its extended showcase. Gamers can now look forward to playing a bunch of upcoming titles early as part of the ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event.

Internet Explorer, you know, the web browser nobody uses, has finally been put to bed by Microsoft.

Sometimes you don't have to pay $70 for a top-tier gaming experience, TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is a perfect example of that.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre and more announcements that were made during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended.