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Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has been unceremoniously banned from Facebook and Instagram. The apps apparently drew the line at his allegedly encouraging violence against women.

For those of you sure asking, Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer who rose to fame after appearing, and also getting booted, from  Big Brother in the UK in 2015. But more recently, his videos which reportedly are heavy on misogyny, have been racking up views on Tik Tok, and in turn he reached a peak of over 5 million followers on Instagram.

Reported the BBC:

His content has raised concerns about the real-world effect it could have, especially on the younger users exposed to it during their school holidays when they have time on their hands.

The focus has been primarily on TikTok, where users say they’ve been readily served up his videos – sparking a new wave of videos commenting on and criticising Mr Tate’s content. YouTube has also found itself under pressure since it’s where he has racked up millions of views.

The platforms had enough, with Meta/Facebook and IG deading his accounts. On cue, a certain section of the internet into being dipwads and assholes by default—no shots—are crying foul over Tate’s removal. And it’s not a leap to say he’s a hero of Cretinous Twitter since the pro-Trump Tate’s home in Romania was raided earlier this year as part of a human-trafficking investigation.

This tweet sort of encapsulates his stereotypical devotees:

On the flip, there are no tears being shed by those who think treating everyone with respect isn’t such bad thing. Tate should be familiar with de-platforming since he’d already been booted from Twitter.

Peep some of the assorted reactions in the gallery.

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