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Ceaser Fires 4 'Black Ink Crew' Cast Members

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

Last week’s episode ended with a fight and this week’s episode focuses on the ramifications of that dust-up.

Young Bae Went Nuts

Last week’s cliffhanger, where Bae tossed a drink in the direction of Vanity, turned out to be far worse than we thought. Bae threw the entire glass, and instead of the glass hitting its intended target, Krystal was a recipient of the dousing and the cup, and she retaliated by chucking a glass at Bae.

Bae walked away with a nasty wound on her ear that required stitches. A producer steps into the establishment to stress there is a no fighting policy, and violence could lead to the show being canceled.

That’s rich because of what went down with the show’s main star, Ceaser. A subject we will be touching on soon.

Young Bae Realizes She Went Too Far

As expected, Ceaser is BIG MAD after learning about the incident involving the ladies of Black Ink. During her confessional, even Tatti admits that Young Bae was doing too much that night.

Tatti reveals the terms set by her probation officer, warning her to avoid any trouble because she will be sent to jail for four years. Bae admits that Krystal was not the person she was trying to hit the drink, blaming the mistake on condensation on the glass, but she does take full responsibility for her actions.

Krystal Is Unsure About The Deal, But Ceaser Passes On It Anyway

After the drama, Krystal and Rok visit her dad’s tattoo shop since she is in Orlando. She expresses some doubt about the deal Ceaser presented to her and Rok.

After she goes over the contract, the numbers look funny to her, but her dad thinks it could work out because of Black Ink’s name recognition.

Krystal is still unsure because of the drama attached to the Black Ink brand, and she wants to steer clear of it when it comes to her shop.

Rok tells her he will take the contract to Ceaser and tell him they need more time. Ceaser tells Rok that he’s not looking to open up any more shops after the fight and is “cool on the deal.”

After listening to Ceaser, Rok believes it is unfair how Krystal is being punished because she didn’t start the fight, but Ceaser stands firm in his decision.

Ceaser Brings The Hammer Down

Young Bae finally talks with Ceaser to explain her side of the story. She tells her boss it was an accident and takes full responsibility, but her apology is too late.

Ceaser tells Bae he is more disappointed in Bae than everyone else involved in the incident and says she should have known better.

It’s time for a team meeting, and Ceaser brings the hammer down, announcing that Tatti, Krystal, Bae, and Vanity will no longer be a part of the Black Ink brand, and he instructs Nychelle and Draya to come to New York to fill their spots.

We’re not mad at the idea of seeing more Nychelle on our television screens, either.

You can see more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photos: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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