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Last week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser checked Alex for a shady Instagram comment he dropped, and Young Bae’s new boo was giving all the red flags. This week, Ceaser has an issue with Teddy pursuing a new dream, and Bae introduces Jay to her mom.

Momma Bae Is Back In Town & It’s Not Looking Good For Jay

Due to the pandemic, Momma Bae has been stuck in Korea, but as things have gotten better, she decided to hop a plane to see Young Bae and her grandson Niko. Bae immediately tells her mom that she has a new boyfriend, BUT she doesn’t tell her that they have only been dating for two months and live together. Momma Bae wasn’t too pleased after Bae said her boyfriend was like her.

When the day comes for Momma Bae to meet Jay finally, it doesn’t go as smoothly as Young Bae hoped. Instead of breaking all the news to her gently, Jay comes in hot, revealing that the couple has only been dating for two months, and he lost his job on the show because his relationship with Bae is a conflict of interest. Oh, and there is that issue of them living together, so, of course, Momma Bae is not going to care for her daughter shacking up with an unemployed man. Luckily for Bae, her mom didn’t understand a word Jay was saying, so she still could break the news to her mom gently.

But, yeah, this relationship is the definition of pure struggle.

Buck Gets A New Set of Chompers & Rok Loses A Tooth

You all know the struggle for the cast member’s teeth if you have been watching Black Ink Crew since its inception. Buck, who isn’t one of the prominent cast members on the show, gets his first storyline, and it focuses on his grill. Buck took his Black Ink Crew checks, went to Colombia, and got himself a new set of teeth, telling the crew that the price had officially gone up.

Good for Buck, but damn, those teeth are BIG AS HELL.

Ceaser and the crew decide this would be a great moment to celebrate and puts together a boy’s night out to reintroduce Buck to the wild so he can show off his new pearly whites. Before they hit the town searching for women for Buck to flash his new smile at, they enjoy some edibles and stop to sit down and eat. THEY ARE ALL HIGH while enjoying their meals. While cracking jokes, they notice Rok has been in the bathroom for a long time.

When he finally comes out of the bathroom, he pulls down his mask and reveals that he bit down on his fork too hard and broke his tooth. The crew immediately begins to laugh at Rok and his misfortune. Ceaser even pops up on the girl’s night out going down at the shop thrown by Tatti, and tells Rok’s girlfriend Krystal that her boyfriend’s smile is now jacked up. Fortunately for her, Rok got his tooth replaced, so he won’t be walking around looking like Puma did in the first season of Black Ink Crew.

Now, that only leaves Spyder with the most atrocious set of teeth on the show.

Teddy Goes Hollywood On Ceaser

In last week’s episode, Teddy made it abundantly clear that he is looking to branch out from Black Ink and do his own thing. Ceaser accepted that but still wants his lazy cousin to prioritize the Black Ink brand. Unfortunately, Ceaser doesn’t know that Teddy has caught the acting bug.

The music label owner/aspiring actor catches up with his friend Kris Lofton who stars in Power Book IV: Force alongside Joseph Sikora. Teddy revealed that he had gotten an actual speaking role in True To The Game 3, an upgrade from just showing face in the last movie. Also, why is there a third True To The Game movie?

Anyway, Lofton praises Teddy’s acting skills putting the battery on his back to pursue his acting career further and finally proving to Ceaser and the game that he is more than just a professional couch sitter. Teddy finally reveals to Ceaser and Puma his latest acting endeavor via the “Teddy Bot.” Teddy tells Ceaser that he is handling the new shop opening in Milwaukee, which is music to Ceeaser’s ears. He slips in that he has to head to Atlanta for the “premiere” of his new movie, which earns a side-eye from his cousin.

Teddy also notes that he has a private premiere where his friends can attend, and when we say friends, we just mean the people who work at Black Ink.

The crew shows up to watch Teddy open some doors, drop a line or two, and praise his performance. While giving his speech after the movie ended, Teddy revealed that he had already moved to Atlanta and would be focusing on his acting career going forward, and Ceaser is BIG MAD.

In next week’s episode, we will see Ceaser express his feelings about Teddy going Hollywood on him and the crew, and we can’t wait to see that drama.

You can peep reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

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