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Sky & Her Son Des Go At It In Season 8 Premiere of 'Black Ink Crew'

Source: Nagina Lane / iOne Digital

We have left Chicago and now are back in the streets of Harlem, NY, its time for a new season of Black Ink Crew: New York. Don’t worry the drama is still here for the show’s 8th season.

The episode opens up with Ceaser announcing some “changes” are being made around the shop. What else is new? Anyway, Puma and Ceaser are still going strong since reuniting. Things are going so well, in fact, the tattoo shop owner decided to make Puma a part-owner. Walter is a bit worried about the idea, but he is willing to give it a chance being that he has faith in his boss to make the right decisions when it comes to shop. Oh and after beefing for an entire season, Donna is back in the shop…again.

Puma gets to work immediately and books a bachelorette party in the shop. The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids will also be getting tattoos in the process, so that quickly makes Ceaser very happy. We also see one of the ladies in the bridal party definitely needs a tattoo locater on lower back fixed pronto.

We also learn that Tati and Teddy are back on good terms after the “married couple” had a falling out last season. It’s good to see the two are getting along for the sake of work. During the party, Ceaser gets a FaceTime call from Kitty, and she has some unfortunate news. Her mom’s cancer returned, and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy, the gang all wishes her the best.

With that out of the way, it’s time to focus back on the bachelorette party, and a surprise guest walks in. It is none other than DMX who happens to be the fiance of the bride-to-be. Well, that was a head-scratching surprise, to say the least.

Speaking of married couples, Young Bae and her husband Rob are having some marital issues. After the birth of their son, Rob apparently got hurt on the job, and his mental state is taking a toll on their marriage and Bae is worried. While explaining the situation to Donna, she breaks down but vows to stay resilient for her young son.

Puma and Ceaser are thrilled to be working with each other again, but Puma’s wife Quani isn’t as excited. She has still not forgiven Ceaser for the incident at the movie theater where a woman wearing Black Ink shirt jumped her and gave her a black eye. Puma feels she needs to let the past go for the sake of peace, but Quani has her reservations.

At Ceaser’s 40th birthday bash, Quani tries to make peace with the tattoo shop mogul, but the olive branch quickly breaks. During the conversation between the two, Ceaser admits he remembers the night of the incident but doesn’t know who the woman was that attacked Quani. Puma’s wife insists that the woman was an intern and that Ceaser instructed her to attack Quani, but he doesn’t admit to it and claims he doesn’t know who Quani’s attacker was. Great value Keyshia Cole is also upset about the fact that when you google her name, the first thing that pops up is a picture of her with the black eye.

Who is out here googling Qauni though? Anyway, she walks away, but the beef is still clearly simmering between the two despite Ceaser wanting to make peace. We already see the storyline building here.

Moving on, Sky is in Miami still, and she is happy as far as her business is concerned. Since reuniting with her two sons, she only had issues with Genesis. Des was more receptive of bonding with his mom, but that has definitely changed. Apparently, all the trouble began when Sky asked Des to start contributing towards the rent. Des also linked up with his brother Genesis and immediately starts posting pictures of him brandishing guns and using drugs. Sky is clearly not happy about all of these developments being that she and Des were so close at the time.

Sky decides to fly Des to Miami so the two can have a heart-to-heart conversation about what is going on. When he shows up, he is visibly high, and Sky is furious. She accuses her son of stealing money, plus Des’ responses back to her are not helping matters. Things get heated quickly between the two, so much to the point hat security has to intervene. Des decides to go stay in a hotel, while Sky locks herself in the bathroom and breaks down.

We hope Sky and her two seeds can work things out. Hit the gallery below to see the reactions from the season 8 premiere below.

Photo: Nagina Lane / iOne Digital