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Blue Ivy Embarrassed By JAY-Z's PDA During NBA Finals Game

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Blue Ivy has grown up before our eyes, and despite having the world’s most famous parents, she is still a regular kid who gets embarrassed by her dad.

Blue Ivy Was Worried About Hair

While the action was going on the court at the Chase Center Monday night (June.13), two notable guests in attendance stole all of the attention. Twitter erupted when JAY-Z and Blue Ivy sporting a fantastic do, and a nice drip came on our television screens.

In a rare spectacle, we got to see JAY-Z, the lovable dad, hug his 10-year-old daughter, kiss her on the cheek and throw up the peace sign. Blue Ivy’s reaction to her dad’s embarrassing PDA took the cake as she was very embarrassed telling the Brooklyn rapper, “dad, my hair.”

The reactions immediately hit timelines, with Twitter users commenting on the adorable moment between JAY-Z and Blue or her appearance, which was a hit with many.

Blue Ivy being so unimpressed by her VERY impressive parents will always be funny, they taking bout “24x grammy winner” and she like YOU ON MY HAIR DAD,” one Twitter user accurately pointed out. 

Blue Ivy acting like every teen who don’t wanna be seen with their father,” another Twitter user added. 

Of course, people started commenting on how much Blue Ivy looked like her momma, Beyoncé, mainly because of her hair and just how beautiful she is.

Hold That L Saucy

Blue Ivy stunting on all of us comes after rapper Saucy Santana got called out for some disgusting old tweets towards The Carter’s first born.

The “Material Girl” rapper double-downed on the comments stating he would not apologize for his old trash tweets.

“It be the people in the comments… tryna force you to apologize or say sorry. To who?! To y’all?! If I did something to offend someone I should I apologize to them!!!! Not u bitches. Told y’all y’all think got power over ppl. But, go head,” Santana tweeted.

Anyway, this is all about HOV and Blue. We loved the moment between them. Also, we love to see JAY-Z the dad. More of that, please.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty

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