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Ceaser Fires Miss Kitty For Allegedly Sleeping With Ryan

Source: Bernard Smalls/ Nagina Lane / @PhotosByBeanz/@PhotosByNae

The fallout from last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew spills over, and things get seemingly worse between Ceaser and brand ambassador Miss Kitty after Sky dropped the rumor that Kit slept with Ryan from Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

The episode opens up with the crew getting ready to head to Cleveland to attend Walt’s first stand up show on his tour. There is still plenty of tension in the air after the big blow-up at dinner on the last episode. Kitty is still upset about Sky just casually dropping the bombshell rumor that she let Ryan smash her kitty cakes to smithereens (shoutout to Bossip), which she denies during her confessional never happened.

Tati is also upset following Ted feeling some type of way because she is sleeping with Jemz from the Black Ink shop on 125th. Donna, on the other hand, is very excited to head back to see her family and introduce them to her “future husband.”

Meanwhile, the professional couch sitter and apparently a Black Ink owner Ted and Ceaser are on their way to the airport. The cousins are still upset about the interactions they each had with Kitty and Tati and want to avoid them at all costs. Black Ink’s Head of Human Resources, Sky calls in via FaceTime, revealing to them that she booked a separate flight for the trio, so they don’t have to be with the rest of the gang. That’s only a temporary fix to the toxic situation because they are still going to have to speak when they arrive at the house in Cleveland.

Speaking of the gang, they are already in Cleveland and marvel at the house Ceaser was able to procure for their stay. The lovely pad belongs to former Cleveland Cavalier J.R. Smith. Someone definitely should have warned him about how they treat the places they stay in. While the crew is enjoying the Henny god’s party crib, Donna and Alex are on their way to meet the parents.

When Donna and Alex finally arrive at her parent’s house, things go left quickly. After awkward introductions to Donna’s mom and sister, Alex finally meets her father. For some strange reason, Alex introduces himself to his potential father-in-law as the “vagina slayer.”

Things get even weirder when Donna’s dad asks Alex if he is dating her daughter for a “come up,” causing Alex to nervously knock all the drinks off the table.

Ceaser, Ted, and Sky finally arrive in Cleveland and are on the way to the house. The tattoo shop owner is still salty about the rumor of Kitty smashing the “homie” and says he is disappointed in his brand ambassador. During his confessional, he says he thought Kitty was classy. Can someone please tell this man it was just a damn rumor.

Anyway, they finally arrive at posh digs, and they refuse to get out of the car. Ceaser informs Sky to go inside and tell Tati and Kitty they need to stay in a hotel for the remainder of the trip.

Sky obliges and goes inside and breaks the bad news to Kitty and Tati. As expected, they are not feeling Ceaser’s order, and vehemently refuse and run outside to talk to the butt-hurt “grown men.”

Kitty is extremely upset and hops inside the vehicle and puts her fingers in Ceaser’s face and has to be separated from her boss by security.

Still upset, and rightfully so, Kitty goes back inside and goes off explaining to Tati and Sky that she feels Ceaser doesn’t care anymore, and she is hurt. Sky — who started this whole mess in the first place — is playing incredibly dumb. It is just infuriating watching her pretend like she has nothing to do with what is happening.

While this is going on, Tati and Teddy decide to have a much-needed conversation to clear the air between them.

Teddy reveals that he is mad that Tati messed with an employee in the shop he owns (news to us). Ted believed that his ex would have more respect for him and not date another employee. Keep in mind he has slept with three employees on the show already.

Anyway, the two come to an agreement and decide to bury the hatchet between them. Too bad this won’t be the case for Ceaser and Kitty. While all this is going on at the house, Donna, Bae, Alex, and Mike decide to go out for drinks. Donna also reveals at the last minute that she has invited some old friends from her days in Cleveland, including an ex much to the dismay of Alex. Donna assures Alex that they are just friends and that he shouldn’t be worried. He is taken for a loop when he finds out that Donna’s ex is a woman named Nique.

After one of those fake tense reality television moments, Nique reassures Alex that he has nothing to worry about.

The scene shifts back to Donna’s parent’s house, where they are throwing a barbecue. Alex is still struggling to connect with her parents, especially her dad.

Nique shows up, and shes gets a way better reception than he did. He begins to feel that Donna’s dad likes Nique more than him.

The real drama ensues when Ted and Ceaser finally show up. Ceaser pulls Kitty to the side so they can have a conversation about what is going on between them. Ceaser feels that they can never be in a “good place “again, and for that reason, he has to fire her. Kitty has heard enough, and she walks away, tells everyone goodbye, informing them that she has been fired. Before she makes her exit, she adds that she will be suing Ceaser. During his confessional, Cease insists that everyone knows that Kitty has slept with Ryan, so her not being honest about is embarrassing.

What a full-on mess, as expected, the internet had plenty of thoughts about what went down during the episode. You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls/ Nagina Lane / @PhotosByBeanz/@PhotosByNae