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Chef Way

Source: chefway__ / Instagram

Chef Way, the TikTok chef who came under fire for his past tweets targeting Black women, also worked as a Texas prosecutor. In the wake of the massive controversy surrounding his social media presence, Chef Way resigned from the job after apologizing for his past actions.

Chef Way, real name Waymond Wesley, found fame on TikTok by way of his cooking prowess and seemingly positive attitude. However, some observers noted that in a former life, Wesley was known as @WaymoTheGod on Twitter back in 2015 and he often engaged in measured attacks on Black women, especially those of darker hues. In some instances, the tweets were relentless and shamelessly vicious and the harm caused lived with those who had the misfortune of witnessing the acts.

Fast forward to now, Wesley emerged as a chef and quickly amassed brand deals and a large following. However, the past tweets found their way into the spotlight with Wesley scrambling earnestly to apologize and move on beyond the fracas. A half-baked apology ensued and it then came out that Wesley earned a role at the Harris County District Attorney’s office in Texas. Harris County officials were swiftly made aware of Wesley’s old tweets and were willing to extend a second chance to him.

The weight of the issue proved to be too much to overcome and Chef Way issued a lengthy post to Instagram expressing remorse for his actions.

From IG:

Seven years ago, in my early twenties, from a place of pain fueled by alcoholism, I would lash out at people on Twitter to seek attention, including Black women. I deeply regret and am sorry for my tweets. To be fully transparent, at the time, I was severely addicted to alcohol, underweight, sleep deprived, and in and out of rehab and sober living facilities. By God’s grace, I’ve been sober for more than 6 years now. In total, I spent around 19 months in inpatient and residential facilities to treat my alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease. It nearly killed me. I am not the man I was [in] 2015.

The apology builds upon an earlier apology that Wesley posted on January 9 when all of the older tweets came to light. Wesley says that he hopes to redeem himself through acts of service and faith but the comments on Instagram are especially unforgiving.

We’ve gathered some reactions from Twitter below.

Photo: Instagram