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Chika established herself as one of the most talented young artists by way of a series of viral freestyles and a steady social media presence, which culminated into a major label record deal. The Montgomery, Ala. native has been engaged in an all-out war with Twitter stans and the Barbz along with some babies caught some vicious strays.

Chika is, of course, known for her musical ability but also for being a transparent public figure by way of tweets that revealed she has contended with mental health issues and even threatened to retire from music just this past spring. For those who follow Chika on Twitter, most are already aware that she is quick-witted and does not allow trolls to get the upper hand. When folks go low, Chika goes subatomic if provoked.

The 2020 XXL Freshman and Grammy Award-nominated rapper and vocalist has been going at it on Twitter for the better part of the weekend and we’ve tried our best to discover the root. From our observation, Chika issued a tweet on Saturday (October 2) lambasting the use of the word “females” in place of using the proper term women. For whatever reason, folks on the social media service saw first to try and correct Chika, and the responses really didn’t go their way.

Many of the replies within the tweet mostly sided with Chika, but there were some who sought to belittle and lob harsh putdowns and it was off to the races from there.

One Twitter user who is either trolling or painfully obtuse tried to treat the discussion and apparently didn’t realize Chika was a musician.

“Imma be real, y’all must not listen to a lot of female rappers then, cause it’s literally either “b*tches” or “females from them – it’s weird yeah but what you gonna do?” the user wrote, although in fairness, it was probably a general statement and not directed at Chika. It got weird when men kept trying to shame Chika into accepting their terms but she would not fold.

Things went left when Chika got into an intense back and forth with @HenGriffeyJr23, who used the b-word in addressing her after failing to get the upper hand. Chika took a shot at the man’s daughter writing, “Hope someone says that to the person in your pinned tweet one day.”

Not that we condone bringing the kids into it but Chika has suffered a series of attacks online, no doubt due to colorism and fatphobia. She chose to handle the attacks with her own jabs, and some schools of logic would say that she’s well within her right to defend herself. Are her methods harsh? No doubt about it. Did she start it? Not at all. Is everyone doing too much? Absolutely.

Again, the jabs at the children are our least favorite part of all this brouhaha, as they don’t have anything to do with how their parents are behaving online. But as Chika herself tweeted, “They go low, we go to hell” and that’s as apt a way to address it as possible.

Check out the reactions from all sides below.

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