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Has the DaBaby lived long enough to see himself go from being a hero in the rap game to quickly becoming a villain in it? Twitter sure thinks so after this latest stunt.

DaBaby is being called C O R N Y after he shared a video of himself “teaching” two young Black teens a lesson who tried to finesse him into buying candy for $200. For the most part, the North Carolina rapper is very engaging with fans he encounters on the streets. In this scenario, he surprised two kids who were selling candy, claiming they were raising money.

True New Yorkers are well aware of the candy hustle, but in the end, rather see them selling the candy than engaging in unlawful activities. DaBaby, who is no stranger to the life of hustling, asked one of the kids, “What you want for the box?” One of the teens quickly responds, “$200.”

DaBaby then turns his attention to the other kid and asks him how much his box of Gushers costs, and he also responds, “$200.” The teen would then clarify to the “Rockstar” crafter that he charges $2 for a single pack of candy, and DaBaby immediately noticed on the box that it said there are 34 packs of Gushers per box.

The rapper, visibly confused, then asks the teen, “What’s $34 multiplied by two, my boy?” and then tells him, “It ain’t $200! It’s not even $100. It’s $68.”

DaBaby, with a ridiculous wad of cash in his hand, would give the teens $2 each before sending them on their way. He told them, “You gotta use your head. You tried to play me,” as he begins to hop back in his sprinter. “I was gonna bless you anyway. You would have gotten the $200, but now you got $2. Y’all be good.”

Of course, DaBaby thought it was a great idea to share the exchange on his Instagram account, writing in the caption, “Y’all little n****s blew it. Keep hustlin tho.”

Twitter, of course, was not feeling the video pointing out how it reminded them of the video where millionaire Meek Mill left a bunch of kids selling water on the street hanging by only giving them $20.

We get it, yes those kids did shoot themselves in the foot, but DaBaby didn’t have to play them like that. He could have easily still paid the box price since he was so keen on going the math instead of embarrassing them.

You can peep more reactions to the video below.

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