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Eminem has called out the hypocrisy and tone-deafness of Donald Trump’s core base of supporters. The all-time great rapper is calling out the irony of “middle-class” white people supporting an alleged billionaire who has never struggled a day in his life.

The man born Marshall Mathers started trending after a clip originally shared on the @Rising_path TikTok page on Monday, (August 7)  of him talking about Trump went viral. At the start of the video, the “Stan” rapper admits that talking Trump can get him “flustered” because he has so much to say about the guy—spoiler, none of it is good. Nevertheless, Em got to the point of why most people look at his most stringent supporters like they’re cult members rather eloquently.

“I just get flustered and frustrating watching him play to his base that thinks that he cares about them and it’s actually the people that he cares about the f*cking least,” said Em. “If you’re talking about his core being, ya know, a majority white middle class, what I don’t understand is how in the f*ck do you feel like you relate to a billionaire who has never known struggle his entire f*cking life?”

The question is rhetorical considering Em is spot on in noting the game Trump has been playing. He continued, “I will say this, he talks a good one. And if you’re in his base, let’s say you’re going to the rallies or whatever, you watch him on TV, you hear him talking this sh*t, there’s part of me that understands, like, Alright, he’s somehow still got them because he’s brainwashing them into thinking something great is going to happen. Nothing’s happening.”

Where is the lie?

Of course, the GOP and MAGA Stans who watched the video (we hope it’s not AI) are flustered themselves since, ya know, hit dogs will holla. See reactions to Em’s truth-telling in the comments.







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