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Beats Ad Ft. Flo Milli Dancing In Front of Confederate Statue Slammed

Source: Sarah Morris / Getty

There is no country for confederate statues or dancing in front of them as some sort of rebuke of the racist monuments.

What were they thinking?

That’s what many people are asking after making the ad featuring Flo Milli dancing to her single “May I” in front of a confederate statue located in her home state of Alabama go viral. The ad first premiered back in November as part of Beats  “Flex That” holiday campaign, but like most things on Twitter, it has been given new life following outrage.

One Twitter user, Ahmad Davis, who is a public relations director, tweeted the one thing everyone has been asking since the ad has begun circulating:

 “I just want to know how many people sat at a table and decided that Flo Milli x Beats By Dre commercial was a good idea.”

Another user professed her love for Flo Milli and felt the popular headphone brand set the rapper up with the insanely tone-deaf and was confused by the campaign’s rather strange slogan.

“Listen I love Flo Milli, but they set her up with this one. Why tf would she randomly break out dancing in front of a confederate statue and what does “flex that clap back” mean?”

According to a press release from Beats, the “Flex That” campaign which also featured tennis phenom Naomi Osaka and her boyfriend, Hip-Hop star Cordae picked “influential Black, Gen Z talent, who continue to take a stand against racial inequality while inspiring youth around the world to bravely challenge norms, push boundaries and celebrate their identities.”

Sounds good, but instead, what we got was Flo Milli looking silly in front of a confederate statue that even has Questlove perplexed.

Uh oh, it looks like Beats is trying to dethrone Mary J. Blige singing about a Burger King chicken sandwich. You can peep the reactions to the clueless ad in the gallery below.

Photo: Sarah Morris / Getty

1. Very good point.

2. Y’all can find humor out of anything lol

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