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Future made some noise with the “Life Is Good” single which featured past collaborator Drake and the pair appeared together in a stellar visual for the track. The song has now been remixed with the additions of DaBaby and Lil Baby with a largely diminished role for Drizzy, which fans on Twitter took notice of.

Earlier in the week, Future teased the remix after playing the new features via his Instagram Story feed.  The production from D. HIll, OZ, and Ambeeza remain unchanged in its entirety, but new verses appear on the track’s part one half from Future along with a new chorus.

On the second half beat switch, Da Baby opens it up with his customary bouncy flow with Lil Baby anchoring the track in capable fashion. Some are saying via Twitter that Lil Baby may have stolen the show with his verse. However, it was Drake’s truncated verse and chorus that had a lot of folks wondering what was up.

From the remix:


Help me fight my demons off, know the usual
I had put a chopper in her name and a Ruger
She hang on the block where I hang like a shooter
Throwed away a cougar, she didn’t wanna leave
Treat her like garbage, my heart was on my sleeve
Should’ve chose better with your company at least
Why should I have love for her if she ain’t get it out the creek?
Why should I have trust for you, you ain’t get it out the creek?
Why should I have love for you, you ain’t kneelin’ to my feet?
Why should I be carin’ when I know I can’t be beat?
See how the ice be glarin’ when I come through and retrieve

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