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Rapper turned podcaster Gillie Da Kid and Rick Ross have been engaged in a days-long war of words that is reaching a new level of petty for both gentlemen. According to Twitter, the Philadelphia media figure is currently ahead of the race against his Florida counterpart, although some observers think the beef is corny.

Gillie Da Kid’s issue with Rozay points to a moment earlier this year when Lil Wayne and the former Major Figgas rapper crossed paths claiming that the New Orleans star was afraid but footage of the encounter showcased that was completely the opposite. Mack Maine, the president of Young Money Records, posted the video showing the two gentlemen exchanging pleasantries instead of nearly coming to fisticuffs.

From what we understand, Rick Ross called Gillie out over the moment that didn’t happen and all bets were off. During a recent episode of Gillie and his cousin Wallo’s podcasts, Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Gillie Da Kid became Gillie The Gangsta and blasted the Bawse for purchasing livestock and taking his elaborate purchases to social media.

“It’s old n*ggas, they don’t hear the roar of the crowd no more, and they still think the world gon’ come back,” Gillie said. “They be on Instagram and they be on social media doing dumb sh*t. ‘I just bought a cow.’ And all this dumb sh*t. F*ck would you buy a cow for?”

Gillie added, “Yeah, f*ck wrong with you? Don’t ever comment on nothing about me, n*gga. When you used to be a CO, n*gga. When you used to lock n*ggas like Wallo in the cell.”

Ross seemingly responded with a pair of videos suggesting that he spends more money on his cow’s hooves than Gillie does on his wife and kids. Later, Ross floated the idea of starting a podcast and invited his legion of fans to help him name it.

Gillie, seeing enough, took to social media again and, using his term, “baked” Ross in his usual scathing fashion.

All of the videos of the back and forth between Gillie Da Kid and Rick Ross can be viewed below. Keep scrolling to get to the comments from Twitter.

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