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Twitter Reacts To The Epic Showdown Between Godzilla & King Kong

Source: Warner Bros. / Legendary Entertainment

Kaiju fans have been waiting a long time for the epic throwdown between the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, and the great ape, King Kong, and they were not disappointed.

Before you proceed, we’re going to warn you now that this story heads into spoiler territory.

If you’re still here, that obviously means you have already seen Godzilla vs. Kong and, just like us, totally enjoyed the clash of the iconic movie monsters. The movie was billed as the long-awaited battle between the atomic breath using lizard and the skyscraper scaling giant gorilla. For most of the movie, we got that, with both Godzilla and Kong going at each other like the two bitter rivals they were built up to be.

From the moment the fight was announced, not many gave Kong a chance in hell becuase Godzilla is the legend. Just check the tale of the tape so far. Before facing off with King Kong, Godzilla has taken down two MUTOS (Mass Unidentified Terrestrial Organism), Rodan, and with an assist from Mothra, Monster Zero, aka Ghidorah. King Kong, on the other hand, took down a giant Skrullcrawler and Samuel L. Jackson.

With that advantage squarely in Godzilla’s favor, the battle officially went down, and we will just say it went as many expected with both combatants putting up a good fight, but in the end, Godzilla was just too much.

But that’s not the only fight that went down. It was long speculated there would be a third party involved, and, of course, the humans just couldn’t mind their business and added Mechagodzilla into the fray. We can’t front, Godzilla was getting his ass handed to him by his robotic knockoff, but thanks to some help from Kong, the two titans were able to bury the hatchet and come together to turn Mechagodzilla into scrap.

The consensus is Gozilla vs. Kong delivered and then some. You can peep more hilarious reactions to the film in the gallery below.

Photo: Warner Bros. / Legendary Entertainment




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