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Source: Rockstar Games / Grand Theft Auto 6

Yup, it’s true. Gameplay footage from Rockstar Games’ highly-anticipated video game, Grand Theft Auto 6, has leaked online. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier confirmed the clips floating around online from the GTA 6 leak are authentic through his Rockstar Games sources.

Initially, PC Gamer dropped the news that a user on the GTA Forums dropped a 3GB file full of 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 footage. It remains unclear how the footage was obtained, but the user, “teapotuberhacker,” who shared the file, also claims to be behind the recent and unrelated massive Uber data breach. 

The hacker also threatens to “leak more data soon,” including other things like GTA V and GTA VI source code, assets, and testing builds, The Verge reports.

Hip-Hop Wired will not share any of the footage out of respect for the studio, but a female character can be seen in many of the clips. That directly lines up with the previous reporting of Grand Theft Auto 6 featuring two female protagonists and will be strongly influenced by Bonnie and Clyde.

In another clip, a female character named Lucia can be seen robbing a restaurant and taking hostages. The footage, which is currently making its rounds on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, features unfinished gameplay, and the gameplay engine can be visibly seen detecting objects in the scene.

Another clip showcases a playable character riding the “Vice City Metro,” another confirmation based on the previous reporting that the game would return to the fictional Miami-like location.

Twitter Reacts To The GTA 6 Leak

As you can imagine, Twitter, specifically the video game section of Twitter, is losing its bits over the news of the leak and the clips floating around. The consensus, whoever dropped the leak is heading to the gulag.

Other users couldn’t help but take a shot at the recently released Saints Row reboot, which did not live up to expectations and was exceptionally mid.

You can peep more reactions to the GTA 6 leak in the gallery below.

Photo: Rockstar Games / Grand Theft Auto 6

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