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Team USA Basketball Training Session

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Twitter has a way of making things go viral that probably shouldn’t and once again, the fast-moving social media network has struck with another moment that will take over the timeline. USA Basketball men’s team coach Gregg Popovich complimented Bradley Beal‘s size by referring to him as “thick” and #NBATwitter is having a field day.

As reported by Yahoo! Sports, Coach Pop spoke with the media during a training camp session for Team USA and expressed his newest impressions of the Washington Wizards star given that his San Antonio Spurs squad doesn’t cross paths with the Eastern Conference team much.

“He’s stronger than I expected. He’s a strong young man. I always used to think of him as wiry and thin, but I was totally wrong. He’s thick,” Popovich said.

Coach Pop went on to add, “His movement. He is hard to keep up with. Whether he’s coming off of back-picks or he’s running the pick-and-roll or he’s coming off a single, double sort of situation; his balance and his movement both are very impressive. He stops on a dime, he can pull up and shoot the shot.”

Popovich’s glowing assessment of Beal’s game is noteworthy and showcases to many basketball fans that the Wizards guard is definitely one of the best players not only at his position at shooting guard but also overall. While Beal’s team didn’t get quite far in the playoffs this past season and are currently seeking out a new head coach, many hope that Beal will remain with the Wizards as they regroup for the 2021-22 season.

For now, check out the reactions to Coach Gregg Popovich’s “thick” comments below.

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