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Jalen Rose Called Out Kendrick Perkins For Bad Hot Takes, Twitter Loved It

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During the NBA Playoffs, hot takes, good and bad, from sports talking heads are in abundance. Jalen Rose had time for Kendrick Perkins and decided to call him out on national television for his wild sports opinions.
Fresh off a red-eye flight from Milwaukee to his hometown of Detroit, Jalen Rose, void of any sleep, decided he had to address ESPN’s new favorite resident basketball analyst Kendrick Perkins. Since becoming a regular fixture on the network, Big Perk has become notorious for some rather egregious takes, especially during the playoffs.

On Wednesday’s (Jul.21) taping of ESPN’s morning sports show Get Up, Rose wasted no time calling out his fellow ESPN employee for some of the things he said. Rose clowned Perkins for his “80s pastor suits,”  his Dr. Seuss catchlines, plus calling out Milwaukee Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer for not making adjustments when he actually did, and ridiculously saying Khris Middleton is the best two-way player on the Bucks and is Batman when it’s clearly Giannis Antetokounmpo.

To be fair to Kendrick Perkins, the Milwaukee Bucks didn’t look like a championship-caliber team during some games on their run to the NBA Finals, garnering knee-jerk reactions from fans and so-called experts. But being a former player, he should have honestly known better as well.

Of course, Big Perk couldn’t just let Rose embarrass him while Mike Greenberg watched laughing the entire time. Perk used his time to accuse Rose of spraying on his hairline and called him a senior citizen. Rose responded by pointing out that he’s only 10 years older than Perkins and hilariously saying that Perkins looks 50 years older than him.

Twitter pulled up a seat and thoroughly enjoyed Jalen Rose calling out Kendrick Perkins for the crazy things he says.

We love him too.

You can peep more reactions to Jalen Rose roasting Kendrick Perkins below.

Photo: Mitchell Leff / Getty




He damn sure did. 


He damn sure did.


Somebody had to do it. 


Jalen’s barber is a Hall-of-Famer.