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Jerrod Carmichael made history by becoming the first Black person to host the Golden Globe Awards and opened with a blistering monologue that some believe made many of the attendees uncomfortable. During his opening monologue, the comedian checked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and its checkered past regarding diversity in a brilliant fashion that has Twitter chiming in with comments.

Jerrod Carmichael wasted no time in taking aim at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that puts on the Golden Globe Awards. Prior to 2021, the HFPA was criticized openly for not having any Black members on its board and not since 2002 according to reports. Carmichael, using his signature conversations standup style of delivery, addressed the massive elephant in the room by noting that he was only invited to host the show because he’s Black.

“I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’m here ’cause I’m Black. I”ll tell you what’s been going on,” Carmichael began. “This show, the Golden Globe Awards, did not air last year because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association….which I won’t say were a racist organization, but they didn’t have a single Black member until George Floyd died. So do with that information what you will. I”ll tell you how I got here.”

From there, Carmichael kept delivering shots that were veiled but obviously directed at the HFPA and some of its members. He also mentioned how he got the job after receiving a call from veteran producer Stephen Hill, who is also Black and was part of the running bit. As the camera panned into the crowd, many attendees, including Brad Pitt and Anthony Mackie among others, seemingly couldn’t believe what they were hearing on the grand stage.

Some on Twitter did find that Carmichael went over the line, especially with a joke about the late Whitney Houston that didn’t go over well. That said, some on social media believe Carmicheal’s hosting gig is a one-and-done and if that’s true, what a way to go out.

On Twitter, Jerrod Carmichael and his painfully honest monologue are garnering plenty of praise. Check out those reactions below.

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