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John Gray, the lead pastor for Relentless Church in South Carolina, has made the news recently for stepping out on his wife, Aventer, and in the most reckless fashion ever. In a recent sermon, Gray apologized to his wife and church partner, but some might think it fell short considering the accusations of infidelity that continue to dog the marriage after past incidents.

As reported by local outlet Greenville News, Gray preached this past Sunday to Relentless Church viewers via a virtual sermon, expressing some manner of remorse for falling short on his promise to Mrs. Gray and letting down the parishioners who support him.

In a typically produced manner typical of modern sermons, Gray opened with a Bible verse and then spoke to the Relentless Chuch members who expected more of him.

“I’m sorry for the areas of my life that I left unattended, that I was apathetic about, the areas where I have treated the calling of God, the grace of God, and the hand of God casually in my life,” Gray earnestly expressed as a musician plays a score behind him.

He continued with, “For every area and behavior that has dishonored the holiness of God, I want to tell you, I’m sorry. There have been a number of things and blogs, some of them accurate, some of it not. But all of it, [is] my responsibility. I apologize for putting the name of God in harm’s way.”

He later gives a direct apology to his wife.

“Aventer, I am sorry for the pain I have caused you, and my prayer is that the life I live from this moment will be one worthy of the love that you extended that our family receives from. I am grateful for you and our children,” Gray shared.

With a story as explosive as Pastor Gray’s, it didn’t take much to stoke the anger and fire from social media, which has been picking apart his private life but that’s to be expected for a person of fame and his given profession in light of the allegations that have surfaced.

We’ve gathered some of the responses we could find on Twitter, some of which are calling out the hypocrisy, and we’ve also shared the full video of the Sunday sermon for viewing. Hopefully, this is the final fall for Gray and he can repair the broken bonds with his family first and foremost, and then attend to his church body.

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