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Twitter is often a hub of spirited debate as it pertains to Hip-Hop, and a favorite device used in the space is asking the question of which rapper is better than the other. In an odd matchup of different eras and styles, Kendrick Lamar and Jadakiss are the latest rappers to be pitted against each other but it isn’t clear what the overall consensus is.

The Kendrick Lamar vs. Jadakiss debate was sparked by Twitter user @TeeZeroHero, who asked in a tweet, “To you: which of these guys [r]ank higher on an all time list, and why? Kendrick Lamar or Jadakiss?”

@TeeZeroHero says he was inspired by podcaster and Twitter user, @EnterDaDome, who often shares his views on the modern Hip-Hop landscape and how it relates to the greats of the past.

“Having a Top 50 Greatest MCs list with no Kendrick Lamar is ridiculous TO ME. There ARE NOT 50 MCs better than KDOT with regard to talent, song writing & albums #HipHop,” read one of his tweets.

He followed that with, “I mean GD, Kendrick Lamar has passed some of your 90s East Coast Boom Bap Rappers…Get over it… #HipHop.

The beautiful thing about music opinions is that anyone can and should express them while expecting to be engaged by a public that might have an opposing viewpoint. One thing that should be clear is lists, rankings, and preferences are all personal choices of the listener and there is no standard system to make a determination. Considering that Jadakiss has been an active rapper since the mid-1990s yet is still very much a menace, it is definitely something to consider.

Kendrick Lamar is definitely a rapper who can bar out with the best of them but as his ongoing career progresses, the Compton artist seems uniquely concerned about the conditions of the world and self, using his gift to paint conceptual works that garner deserved praise.

Also, Kendrick began his career in 2004, 10 years after Jadakiss and this was during the mixtape era where heavy bars were the rule. He’s since evolved to the Pulitzer Prize-winning songwriter he is today and to his Yonkers, N.Y. counterpart’s credit, Jada’s pen and tone are just as sharp as it’s always been.

Hip-Hop debates were born in the barbershop, on street corners, and amongst the homies so we’re clear in saying that we’re not picking a side but enjoying the discussion. Both of those artists are titans and we’re blessed as Hip-Hop fans to have them.

We’ve got reactions from Twitter regarding Kendrick Lamar vs. Jadakiss below.

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