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King Von was shot in killed in 2020 after an altercation with members of rapper Quando Rondo‘s entourage, bringing an end to a life that was reportedly replete with ties to Chicago gang violence. According to a recently resurfaced Chicago Police Department report, Von was named as a suspect in the 2014 murder of notorious teen gang member Gakirah “K.I.” Barnes.

While outlets are saying that the CPD issued the report, it appears that is not the case. What has been discovered is that the documents were issued as part of a Freedom of Information Act request highlighting the details of the incident that left Barnes dead.

From the report:

An unknown M/1 wearing a Grey Hoodie and Blue jeans approached the victims. The unknown offender then produced a handgun and began firing in the direction of the victims, striking all three. The unknown offender then was observed entering an unknown vehicle making good his escape

The investigation revealed that the victim was killed by, Dayvon BENNETT [King Von]. The CCSAO reviewed the investigation and concurred that BENNETT was positively identified as the offender in the incident and felt that they would be unable to meet the burden of proof in court and formally Rejected charges…It should be noted Dayvon BENNETT was charged with First Degree Murder recorded under HX 281542 in that he shot and killed Malcolm STUCKEY (No IR) on 29 May 14.

The story on its own has many moving parts and it has been widely alleged that Von essentially confessed to the murder on the track “Wait,” even seemingly mocking the fact that he allegedly killed Barnes. Barnes, a Gangster Disciples “hitter” who was 17 at the time of her death, was reportedly responsible for several murders in Chicago’s South Side section as well and was the subject of a Hulu documentary, Secret Life of a Gang Girl: The Untold Story.

According to this Chicago Tribune report, Barnes was one of four people killed after 36 people were shot in a 36-hour period. Ironically, Barnes allegedly bragged about being 17 and catching 17 bodies.

By way of the reactions seen on Twitter, King Von being linked to Barnes’ murder has been widely known by many but there are still many who were unaware of the deep links the late rapper had to the gang world in Chicago and beyond.

There are also some connected thoughts regarding the recent death of KTS Dre, who recently gave a tribute to King Von aka KTS Von. The KTS initials stand for “Kill To Survive” and are said to be an offshoot gang sect comprised of an alliance between the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords.

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