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Surprise for Christmas

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Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas? We can hardly believe that ourselves. In what has been a whirlwind year, those of us looking forward to the holidays to unwind and exchange gifts per tradition could use some ideas and we’ve got just the remedy.

The theme for this gift guide is rather simple. These are items we’ve been privileged to experience firsthand and feel confident in recommending them to our readers. Because our readership is comprised of folks from varying backgrounds, we feel that this guide isn’t as much of a hodgepodge as it might seem. In fact, we’re betting that you’ll check out an item or two that will become a must-have for yourself or loved ones.

While we don’t have a direct line with the big guy in red, hopefully, these companies have expedited shipping items and even if they don’t come directly on the Big Day, a gift is a gift no matter when you decide to give them.

Enjoy our last-minute gift guide below!

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1. Coral UV

Source:Coral UV

Coral UV
Price: $129.99

2020 taught us all one valuable lesson in that we should all take personal hygiene far more seriously. With the pandemic and flu season upon us, there’s even more reason to be mindful. But as with anything in life, you can always use reinforcements when it comes to blocking and preventing exposure to germs and viruses.

Enter Coral UV. This innovative device can be a strong line of defense against the ickies and cooties by way of a dual UV-C light system that eliminates 99.9% of germs in under 10 minutes.

And while we primarily used our device to keep our keys, phones, and other items free from germs, this item is also prime to keep your babies safe too as the chamber is large enough for bottles and all related equipment.

2. Shaker 33 – The Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition

Shaker 33 Source:Shaker 33

Shaker 33
Price: $39.95 plus shipping

Given that many of us took to our liquor shelves during the pandemic, folks have been diving into the world of cocktail mixing. While there are a number of options to shake up your drinks, few will compare to the Shaker 33.

This cocktail shaker boasts a number of handy features, including a leakproof design, easy-open functions, a dual-flow strainer, and a slim design made for shaking with one hand among other features. It’s also a beautifully designed device that’ll stand out amongst the other drab offerings in the space.



Price: Varies

Who knew that bandanas had so many stylish uses? Straight from the mind of co-founders Nicole and Connor Humphrey, BANDITS is a fashion brand that works directly with a pool of talented artists to design bandanas that will stand out in a crowd. Not only does the BANDITS team commission work from folks who deserve the light, but 10 percent of the sales also go to a charity of the designer’s choosing. Now that’s super dope.

Check out the link above to find out the various collection and styles, along with tips for wearing.



Price: Varies

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to realize that many of us who have been sitting at home due to the pandemic are probably tense and tight from poor seating positions and a lack of activity. And when you do try to get active again, you might start feeling nagging pains and dying for a massage. That’s where the PSO-RITE and all of its family of devices come in handy.

The psoas muscle attaches to the vertebrae on your lumbar spine and is among the strongest muscles connected to the hip flexors. Sitting and not moving about can make those muscles tight, but the PSO-RITE attacks those areas with the self-massaging device while using the person’s own body weight. It might look tricky at first but it is a phenomenal and extremely useful device.

A look over at PSO-RITE’s Instagram page will reveal that mixed martial artists and yoga practitioners alike have to work out those muscles. We bet you could use the same. 

5. Drinkmate


Price: Varies

Imagine sipping your favorite fruit juice and wondering out loud, “Hmm, I wonder how this would taste if it had a little fizz to it?” Well, you can make that dream a reality with Drinkmate. The Drinkmate family of products range from personal use bottles for a quick fizzy treat to a larger countertop edition for entertainment. 

We’ve used the smaller version and it’s as great as advertised. Further, you really can’t go wrong with a company that pays you for your empty C02 cartridges to be applied towards further purchases of their proprietary items. 

6. Old Trapper

Old Trapper
Price: Varies

This is a fast-moving world we live in and often, we don’t have the time to indulge in a balanced meal given the short free hours we have in the day. Snacking is a central component of hunger survival and Old Trapper beef jerky delivers big on the flavor and quality. 

The Oregon-based company offers a variety of flavors but the old fashioned flavor is perfect with a hint of sweetness from the brown sugar and isn’t as high in sodium as other jerky styles in the market. That’s right, folks. Jerky isn’t just for hunters, hikers, and mountain climbers. Even those in urban environments can benefit from its high-protein punch.

7. Carole Shiber Designs

Source:Carole Shiber Designs

Carole Shiber Designs
Price: Varies

The dinner table setting is something many go over the top for during the holidays but few are doing so with the flair we’ve experienced thus far with Carole Shiber Designs. For those entertaining this holiday, a quick look at the website should afford you some fantastic ideas. We especially loved the floral napkin bouqet.



Price: 39.95

Have you ever been scrambling about your home looking for a wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, or any other necessary hand tool? More often than not, you won’t find it when you need but imagine having a full arsenal of tools at your disposal in one handheld device? Meet TACTICAGEAR. The M-100 multitool has everything you need to put together — or take apart — whatever project you’ve got going on. 

9. Tenzi & Buildzi from Carma Games

Source:Carma Games

Tenzi & Buildzi from Carma Games
Price: Varies

Kevin Carroll and Steve Mark took the concept of their fast-moving dice game Tenzi to a local Hobbytown in Connecticut a decade ago, making a strong first impression with their party-ready offering.

Since then, they’ve created a bevy of games that are low-tech throwbacks to family game night. The timing couldn’t be better considering a lot more of us are spending time at home. We tried out Tenzi and Buildzi, with the latter being the more challenging of the pair but still inviting for ages 8 to 80 easily.  

10. ErgoFoam


Price: Varies

The science of ergonomics is a serious one, with vast studies showing how workplace conditions and proper seating are all essential to the worker’s efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment. Since many of us are working from home, the home office has become a new standard. 

Now, think about your legs and feet will sitting for hours at your desk. It’s almost a habit to have your feet raised or feel the desire to shift your seating position and that’s where ErgoFoam comes in handy.

This ergonomic footrest is not only a handsome addition to your workspace, it truly does helps with proper seating and positioning. It’s so comfortable, we used it during an eight-hour shift and never felt better after shutting down for the day.

11. NEFT


Price: Varies

Vodka gets a bad rep, and you might have read our Spirit.Ed columnist D.L. Chandler comparing the spirit to tofu, as in it takes on the flavor of what you add to it. NEFT aims to change that perception by introducing an ultra-premium vodka that’s meant to be sipped.

Using water Rhaetian Alps in Austria that has been filtered for 50 years and using four ancient grains of rye, NEFT raises the profile of the spirit that has roots in Russia, Poland, and Sweden. With some of the most attractive and efficient packaging on the market, the barrels of the good stuff will make a perfect stocking stuffer for the imbiber in your life.

Be on the lookout for D.L. Chandler’s review of NEFT over at CASSIUS in the coming weeks.