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Bronny James’ name has yet to be called during the 2024 NBA Draft, but the chatter around LeBron James’ son, where he will land, and if the Lakers superstar will join the team that takes a chance on his seed is deafening.

Word around the NBA streets was that LeBron James was very gung-ho about playing alongside his son in the league, giving many teams the impression that if they draft Bronny, they could land LBJ in free agency.

According to reports, teams shouldn’t bet on that because Bron Bron has no desire to ditch the Los Angeles Lakers to hoop with his son.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania reports that James is telling teams not named the Lakers who believe their chances to sign him in free agency will increase if they draft Bronny “No, as of right now,” regarding leaving Los Angeles.

Yahoo! Sports reports the “as of right now” in his statement leaves enough wiggle room for teams to continue to continue working on a situation that would pique his interest.

Interest in Bronny James increased following his strong showing at the NBA Draft, and some people believe he could be drafted in the second round.

LeBron James Did Express In The Past He Wanted To Play With Bronny In His Final Season

Regardless of the chatter around Bronny James, the Los Angeles Lakers are still the front runners to resign James, who has a $51.4 million player option for the 2024-25 season, if they land a head coach LeBron James approves of and a third piece to compliment him and Anthony Davis.

LBJ’s new alleged stance on playing alongside his son starkly differs from his past comments.

He made his desire to play his final season as a teammate with Bronny, even saying he would sign with the team that drafts his son.

That changed after the Lakers were bounced out of the playoffs by the Denver Nuggets, with James telling people hooping with Bronny was no longer a priority for him.

As for Bronny James, a conversation is happening now that he doesn’t deserve the attention he is receiving. Some people believe the spotlight is on him because he is the son of arguably the greatest professional hooper not named Michael Jordan.

ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins has been very loud on the matter.

Now, Bronny knows that carrying the James torch is the main topic of discussion, but the young hooper has made it clear he doesn’t want anything handed to him because he is the son of LeBron James and wants people to judge him on his skills and what he does on the court.

“Everything that follows my dad, people just try to link me with that and all the greatness he’s achieved and I haven’t done anything yet,” Bronny told reporters. “So there needs to be that divide between Bronny and LeBron. I just want to let people know that my name is Bronny James and not being identified as LeBron James’ son.”

We hear you Bronny.

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