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Obama Welcomes NBA Champion Miami Heat To White House

Source: Mark Wilson / Getty

Currently, LeBron James is occupying a sizeable amount of real estate in Donald Trump’s tiny little brain. The man whose gig is in jeopardy tomorrow spent time at one of today’s super spreader rallies coming for King James and other NBA and NFL players who he still thinks are being disrespectful to the US flag.

For the record, they are not. They are merely using their Constitutional rights to protest things like police brutality and White Supremacy, but that reality would never align with a racist like Trump’s world view.

Today (Nov. 2) while in Ohio, Trump took in chants of “LeBron James suck!” after disparaging the NBA champion, whose previous ‘Chip was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cheeto was also talking TV ratings while in Pennsylvania today. “When they [pro players] don’t respect our country, when they don’t respect our flag, nobody wants to watch … and the NFL is way down. You gotta stand for our flag … and if you don’t do that we aren’t watching,”  said Trump while on stage.

Whatevs. Twitter quickly formed like Voltron to gather the Orange Oaf, and at times it is quite entertaining, and factual. Like the reality that LeBron James open a whole school, while Trump was forced to shutter his scam of a university.

Peep some of the reactions below.

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6. Gold Medal Winner LeBron


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