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Living Single, the popular sitcom that made its debut 25 years ago on this day in 1993, was powered behind the performances of lead actress Queen Latifah, veteran actress Kim Fields, comedienne Kim Coles, and The Cosby Show alum, Erika Alexander.

T.C. Carson and John Henton were also members of the main cast of characters who dwelled in a snazzy Brooklyn brownstone long before the current trend of gentrification that has overtaken the New York borough.

Check out what the cast of Living Single is doing now. Let us know if we missed anything.

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1. John Henton AKA Overton

Amongst the old gang, John Henton is the least active on social media but that doesn’t mean he’s sitting idle. He still tours as a stand-up comedian and has hit the road with his onscreen boo, Kim Fields.

2. T.C. Carson AKA Kyle

Keeping with the “Black don’t crack” sentiment, T.C. Carson was definitely smooth back in the day on the show and continues that streak in his cat daddy years as a sought-after voice actor and jazz vocalist. Oh and video game heads, he was the voice of Kratos for ‘God Of War’ too.

3. Kim Fields AKA Regine

Kim Fields is still in the business on the back end of things in the world of directing, and also made a return to television in 2017 with ‘Living The Dream.” Since her days as a child actor to now, Fields focuses on being effortlessly flawless, pushing her book, and raising her sons with her husband in Atlanta.

4. Erika Alexander AKA Max

First of all, can we talk about how great everyone looks some 25 years later? Erika Alexander was recently spotted in the sitcom within a sitcom on Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ show, and she’s also been doing her thing on TV and film over the years, including a hilarious spot as a cop in ‘Get Out.”

5. Kim Coles AKA Synclaire

Kim Coles has been keeping busy via social media and touring the country alongside her onscreen boo, John Henton, no disrespect to Ms. Cole’s hubby. The ageless beauty has one of the most positive streams of thoughts you can find online.

6. Queen Latifah AKA Khadijah

Queen Latifah has leveraged her career in Hip-Hop to a bevy of acting gigs, commercial contracts, singing performances and more. You can also catch in ‘Star’ on the Fox network.