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Meek Mill Apologizes After Getting Clowned Following Clubhouse Rant

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Meek Mill went from talking about starting his own digital music platform to ranting on Clubhouse.

Meek’s tweets and bars are already loud. His Clubhouse rants are absolutely deafening. The Philly rapper was the topic of discussion on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning when tweets and screen recordings of his loud and wrong diatribe on the newest social media platform hit Twitter timelines.

So what triggered the “Dangerous” crafter?

Apparently, things went all the way left in the room, which was started to discuss Black men who don’t uplift other Black men when Mill spazzed on another user in the room that featured 21 Savage, Karen Civil, and others. A man who was brought to the stage didn’t agree with Mill’s takes on the situation, and that’s when the Dreamchasers boss went off on the individual, yelling, “You a p***y, you come from Delaware!” much to the dismay of the attendees in the room.

That’s not all either. Meek Mill also managed to invoke the Barbz’s wrath after he brought up his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj. For whatever reason, he revisited the beef between himself and Nicki and her husband and registered sex offender Kenneth Petty. Meek Milly accused Instagram gossip site, The Shaderoom of perpetuating drama  claiming:

“They had me up there — me vs. Nicki’s boyfriend. Nicki just had a f***ing baby. I just had a f***ing baby. Who’s responsible for this bulls***?”

He would later hop on Twitter to apologize for his behavior on the app, promising to be better in the new year.

“ima have a better reaction in 2021… I apologize when snap out sometimes ..then convos that stem from hatred, strike me hard from my upbringing! After that nip shit my hatred level went up I’ma boss up leave it in 2020!”

It was already too late. The memes, jokes, and reactions were already pouring in. Some Twitter users are now even speculating that the rapper is Demon Time Live Show founder and host JustinLaBoy.

Congrats Meek, you got clowned one last time before the ball drop. You can peep the fallout in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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