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Moriah Mills is continuing her jabs toward Zion Williamson, this after the NBA player was accused by the adult performer of cheating on her and getting another woman pregnant. The barrage has taken a somewhat dark turn after it appears that the family of Williamson’s partner threatened to put hands on Moriah Mills in Atlanta.

Moriah Mills, 32, aired out some personal business regarding Zion Williamson in the wake of the NBA star revealing he will soon be a dad to a baby girl. For Williamson, it has been a particularly hairy couple of days after Twitter fans began to dig up Ahkeema’s past which included being a credit card scammer, stripper, and other unsavory things that were alleged.

Those same negative comments towards Ahkeema were echoed by Mills, who has amassed a career as an adult performer and popular OnlyFans star. It appears that Mills gave up the adult starlet life for Williamson, which only embittered Mills and caused her to dig her barbs deeper into the player.

“I deleted the video of the photographer pouring honey in my mouth because you told me you felt disrespected and I come and Twitter to see you trending with a thot being pregnant and you kissed that hoe [nausea emoji] @Zionwilliamson why you hurt me like this why you did this to your [butterfly emoji],” Mills tweeted.

It isn’t known if Mills was throwing a shot at Ahkeema but it certainly had that sort of energy when she wrote, “I’m in Atlanta hoe see me in December or should I say at my new condo in New Orleans @AhhConcreterose we sister wives now get wit or get lost .but imma get more always [clown emoji] he don’t play about me when it come to spoiling I’m his princess you a burnt out baby mom.”

That tweet prompted one of Ahkeema’s relatives to allegedly hop on Instagram and let it be known she’s ready to scrap if Mills is.

“What you won’t do is threaten my pregnant cousin,” wrote @nikkijzo. “I’m in Atlanta right now. You wanna fade cus someone aint choose you. What you wanna do?”

Mills last tweeted on Wednesday night writing, “If anything happens to me @Zionwilliamson it’s on you because you have this girls family threatening me.”

Hopefully, Moriah Mills is safe and okay as this isn’t a laughing matter at this point. However, that isn’t stopping Twitter from making comments and we’ve got them listed below.

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