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Twitter Defends Bow Wow After Tweet Questions His Greatness

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

When it comes to Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss, he’s usually the butt of the jokes on social media, BUT this time, Twitter is putting on their capes for the Hip-Hop star.

You can clown Bow Wow for all of the ridiculousness he may get involved in sometimes, but one thing you can’t take from him is the hits he has produced. On Twitter, the no.1 place for social discourse, a user shared a ridiculous tweet stating, “imagine a n***a puts a gun to your head and tells you to name 3 bow wow songs.”

We can name quite a few off the top of our heads here, “Bounce With Me,” “Like You,” “BasketBall,” “Outta My System,” the man has got a plethora of hits.

As expected, he got flamed in the quote retweets with numerous followers telling him to put some respect on Mr. 106 & Park’s name. Also, you have to be the biggest hater plus under an enormous rock if you don’t know three songs from Bow Wow, who was arguably one of the biggest Hip-Hop stars on the planet at one point in his career. One user proudly wrote in response to the tweet, “Tbh I can’t trust you if you can’t name Bow Wow songs.”

Honestly, where is the lie?

For some context, the person who questioned Bow Wow’s greatness is 18, as many users were quick to point out, which explains some of the willful ignorance in that tweet. BUT, there is this fantastic tool called Google, and that person could have definitely done their research before they hit send on that nonsense.

Bow Wow won’t have to hop on Twitter and respond to that tweet because he’s got plenty of people in his corner when it comes to giving him his flowers.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty

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