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NYPD Called Out For Excessive Social Distancing Enforcement

Source: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty

It’s literally night and day and a tale of two cities when it comes to how the NYPD is enforcing social distancing rules as NYC still battles the spread of COVID-19.

Twitter has spotted the jig pointing out the excessive ways the NYPD is enforcing social distancing rules in Black and Brown neighborhoods compared to predominately white stomping grounds. Multiple videos have hit Twitter, showing police using unnecessary force after confronting Black and Brown men who were either not wearing masks and congregating not practicing social distancing rules.

In one video recorded on a smartphone shared by criminal defense and civil rights attorney Rebecca Kavanagh, three cops can be seen aggressively pinning down a Black man while one of the officers repeatedly punches him. It’s also quite hilarious that one of the officers enforcing social distancing rules and wearing masks is not wearing a face cover while trying to arrest the man.

In another instance shared by a congressional candidate and co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Greater NY Chivona Renée Newsome features fellow activist Hawk Newsome also being arrested. In the clip, an officer who happens to not be wearing a mask warns Newsome that he is giving him a “lawful order to disperse” Hawk then responds, “We’re standing six feet away.” Hawk then calls out the NYPD for another incident that involved Officer Francisco Garcia being recorded beating a man for failing to social distance.

As he walks away, he yells, “This is our community, they are outsiders!” the cops more than likely were not pleased with Hawk’s comments swarm him and then put cuffs on him.

Twitter has wasted no time in sharing two different pictures of NYPD officers handing out masks to white park goers who don’t have masks while slapping cuffs on Black men. Even Stevie Wonder can see what the hell is going on.

You can peep all of the reactions to the jig in the gallery below.

Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty