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With Ceaser’s “health scare” behind him, the Black Ink team focuses on the mission to help Walt get the hell out of the projects. The tattoo shop owner is going to have some more significant issues to worry about though.

Ceaser is feeling much better now after dealing what was described as having seriously low blood sugar. Before he heads down to join the crew to gamble, he sits down with the king of ain’t sh*tness Ted who tells his cousin about the argument he had with his “wife” Tati. Ceaser already knows why Tati was mad in the first place, but he entertained Ted’s story and wasn’t shocked at all the couple broke up.

The fallout of the argument is clearly visible when the clan regroups. Tatti is not speaking to Krystal and definitely still believes that something went down between her now ex and her former friend despite having no proof and Krystal confirming nothing happened.

To rub more salt in the wound when Ted finally shows up says hello to Krystal but doesn’t even acknowledge Tati. In doing so though he angers Krystal even more who don’t enjoy the fact she is being used as a tool to fuel Tati’s anger.

Later on in the episode, the Black Ink’s newest team member breaks down while explaining that she is just there to work and doesn’t need to sleep with someone to get to the top.

At the same meeting, Ted asks Momma Bae about the letter she was trying to bring to Ceaser on last week’s episode. After some translation, she hands over the letter to Ceaser that basically broke down the pending lawsuit from Alex due to the injuries he sustained from the brawl at Bae’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Ceaser cannot believe it of course and thinks this is just a scheme for his former employees to get money from him.

With that out of the way, Its time to go gamble. Ceaser tries his luck at the roulette table with things looking good for Walter and him leaving the projects. Feeling himself, the tattoo shop owner decides to put all his chips on black, and that’s where his luck comes to an end losing all of his money. Looks like Walter isn’t leaving the PJs after all.

Things are looking bleak, but guess who is here to save the day? Momma Bae! Turns out Young Bae’s mother is an excellent poker player and despite the language barrier manages to clean up at the tables and wins all of the money Walter needs to land his new apartment. Now it’s all good if you think this was scripted cause we are also sure as hell did but we are happy Walt is upgrading his living arrangements so his kids can visit.

We leave the crew in Foxwoods to head back to Harlem. After an intense phone argument, Sky and her son Des meet up to talk about it. Sky opens up to her youngest son and apologizes to him for the things she said and explains she is still learning to be a mom. She agrees to give him his father’s contact information and the two hug out whatever issues they had.

After getting in contact with him, Des finally links up with his dad. Sky’s son shares his concerns with his father and asks him questions about his relationship with his mother. The answers he gets from his dad definitely may have thrown him for a loop, but the two do have a bonding moment, but Des may have some more questions for his mom when he sees her.

Donna is on a mission to make Ceaser pay for messing up Alex’s back and maker their lives difficult. With Alex no longer being able to tattoo anymore, Donna has to carry the financial load and needs to find more work. So she comes up with the idea to ask Puma (Ceaser’s nemesis) if she can work at his shop Art 2 Ink. While he will jump at the opportunity to make Ceaser suffer he is very reluctant to bring Donna on cause she comes with drama. After hearing her argument, Puma can’t resist at a chance to hurt Ceaser’s business and hires Donna.

With her job secured and her plan to take down Ceaser coming together, Donna meets up with her former boss to discuss the lawsuit. As you can imagine the meeting doesn’t go very well with Ceaser thinking Alex is lying about his injury despite Donna breaking down the full extent of them and vowing to take down both of former employees and defeating their lawsuit. Looks like this battle will go on all season long.

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