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Alex Decides To Take Legal Action Against Ceaser On 'Black Ink Crew'

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

The battle between Ceaser and his former employees Alex and Donna is going the legal route, Tati is learning the hard way Ted ain’t sh*t, and Sky is going through growing pains being a business owner and mother. Just another week on VH1’s Black Ink Crew.

The episode picks right back up with Donna and Alex. The tattoo artist (we’re not talking about Donna) got the news that his injury is permanent and he will no longer be able to tattoo anymore. Rightfully devastated because tattooing is his primary source of income and providing for his son he has no idea what he is going to do. Donna who is down for her man, vows to help him get even with their former boss. She comes up with the idea that we all have been screaming at our television that Alex should sue Ceaser and hit him where it hurts.

The couple decides to talk to a lawyer, and at first, Alex wasn’t sure if (rolls eyes) if he should sue his former boss but eventually came to his senses and agreed to go forward with his potential lawsuit.

Last week Walter came up with the “brilliant” idea to shoot his co-workers and put them in a calendar and sell it to help him raise the money to get out of the projects. While we wouldn’t mind seeing Krystal in the lingerie, she rocked for her photos nobody wants to see Tati or anyone else from the shop as the month’s change. Moving along episode 3 opens up with Ceaser telling Walt his calender idea flopped (no kidding) and decides that the gang should take the little money they have and flip it at the Foxwoods casino.

When the dysfunctional crew arrives at Foxwoods things immediately go south when Ceaser suddenly falls ill. With tattoo shop mogul hunched over on a couch, his concerned employees decided to call 911 to get him some help. The paramedics arrived and determined he was having issues with his blood sugar. A lot of watchers were skeptical and felt he might be suffering from eating too many edibles.

Ceaser is going to be okay, but while he was recuperating, newest cast member Young Bae’s mom tried to deliver the papers saying her boss is being sued, but Ted sends her away. Ceaser might pop a blood vessel when he finds out this news.

Anyway, its time to go make Walt some money so he can get the hell out of the projects and as you can imagine that also doesn’t go that well. But hey it made for great entertainment and we get to see Krystal try her hand at the slots and the crew blow money on the tables.

Speaking of Krystal, Bae and Kitty once again take on the role of reporting bad news to a friend. They revealed to Tati that while riding around with Ceaser, they conveniently spotted Ted and shop’s newest tattoo artist on a coffee or dinner date. As you can imagine Tati was heated, especially having just gotten over Ted’s behavior that more than likely led to the brick being thrown through Black Ink’s glass. She immediately runs to Ted’s room to confront her onesie wearing boyfriend. He explains to Tati that she is overreacting and they just had coffee and nothing more, but we all know that’s nonsense.

Last but not least Sky realizes that being a successful business owner doesn’t happen overnight. She flys back to Miami to find out why her shop isn’t making any money but quickly realizes that yeah screaming and yelling at her employees isn’t the best approach. She is also going through growing pains being a mom as well, Sky is down in the dumps after getting into an argument with her son Des about her not giving him his father’s number, and she lashed out at him.

Sky revealed to her friend that she said some things to her son that should have not have said, but also feels he doesn’t entirely understand the situation fully because his father’s behavior was just ridiculous.

We can’t wait to see how things play out next week’s episode, in the meantime hit the gallery below to see the reaction from viewers to last night’s episode of Black Ink Crew.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew