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Alex From 'Black Ink Crew' Can No Longer Tattoo Due To Back Injury

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

We are only in episode two of the new season of Black Ink Crew and things are getting extra spicy in the Harlem “tattoo shop.”

Last week’s episode ended with the shop “under attack” after was perceived to be gunshots rang through it sending the cast and crew in a frenzy. We quickly learn that it wasn’t bullets that shattered the glass but instead a brick that had them shook.

Ceaser speaking with his lazy cousin Ted initially had no clue who launched the brick through his shop but after Ted presents evidence in the form of Instagram posts. The head of the “tattoo shop empire” after hearing what the professional couch sitter had to say now believes it was his former and now disgruntled employee who vandalized his shop.

After their conversation in the car, Ceaser heads back to the shop to reveal to the crew after both him and Ted’s Scooby-Doo moment that he believes it was Alex who threw the brick. While he is pretty sure, everyone else is not so sure if their former coworker was behind it.

So of course, Bae and Kitty call up Donna to link up for some drinks to get to the bottom of the brick throwing incident. They ask Alex’s boo if she knows if he launched the brick through the window and she was not feeling that at all. Already not feeling them because they failed to reach out to the couple after the incident to check up on them, she leaves the meeting insulted at the idea that they would think her boyfriend would do such a thing.

Donna runs back home to tell Alex who is fresh from rehab for his bad back. She informs him about what happened after she met up with Bae and Kitty telling her Ceaser believes he threw the brick. Alex can’t believe that his former boss would think such a thing despite the fact his injury won’t allow him to “pick up a pencil” so how would he be able to throw a brick? The couple both agree their former friends are not worth it and decide it’s us against them from now on.

Back at the shop, our boy Walt who had the most epic meltdown after revealing he is broke and had to move back to the projects is working on fixing his living arrangements. His conquest to move hit a snag due to his bad credit and he needs to scrape up $6,000 swiftly and decides to take pictures of his co-workers and use them in a calendar and sell it to raise the dough. First of all who wants a calendar featuring the Black Ink Crew cast? Well, maybe a whole calendar featuring Krystal might fly. Speaking of the new employee, Ted who has had his eyes on her from the moment she walked in the shop finally gets his flirt on with her right in front of his fake wife, Tati. We knew Ted wasn’t sh*t, but it seems Tati is learning this on the fly and calls him out on it.

The couple was already not speaking with each other after Tati called out Ted and Ceaser for sucker punching and jumping Alex and possibly being the reason the brick got thrown through the door. Teddy wasn’t feeling that at all and questioned his boo’s loyalty leading to the couple falling out and him deciding to reactivate his ain’t sh*t mentality.

Last but certainly not least, Alex’s injury is more severe than we thought. After a visit with his doctor, we learn that he won’t be able to tattoo anymore after his physician told him he is going to need to find a new profession. As you can imagine, he is emotional after the revelation, and the episode comes to a close.

Twitter had thoughts about the episode and believes Alex needs to sue immediately and understands if he decides to retaliate in some way. Hit the gallery below to see what fans of Black Ink Crew had to say about the episode below.

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