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Ratchet Nuggets We Learned From "Black Ink Crew Confessions' Special

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

The Black Ink Crew specials continue to roll out ahead of the premiere of the VH1 reality show’s 9th season.

We already learned some secrets from cast members representing all three franchises, Black Ink Crew: New York, Chicago, and Compton, during the “Secrets Unlocked” special. Now it’s time to hear some confessions.

The show, which served as a sort of a reunion special hosted by Marc Lamont Hill, opened up with Black Ink Crew alum Ceaser, Puma, Walt, Teddy. Donna, Tatti, and Alex eventually showed up late during the taping, typical behavior from Black Ink Crew cast members.

During the special, Hill touched on a plethora of moments involving the cast members from the shows ratchet 8 seasons like Donna’s struggle tattoos, Teddy’s so-called wife, Ceaser voting for the first time, and more. We also got to see never-before-seen footage giving more clarity to incidents that took place during previous seasons.

It was definitely an interesting hour of television that had us even shocked at some of the revelations. You can step into the gallery below to peep the biggest “confessions” made during the special.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

1. RIP 113th

We learned during season 8 that Ceaser’s landlord has been paying attention and watching the tattoo shop moguls move very closely and decided it was time to up the rent on the iconic flagship location. Ceaser tried to fight for his shop and even attempted to get the building designated as a landmark, but that plan flopped. Ceaser admitted that he hasn’t been at the 113th shop since they last pulled the gates down and has since made the Brooklyn location the new flagship Black Ink tattoo shop. 


2. Ceaser Caught Rona

Ceaser revealed that he caught COVID-19 after a trip to Aruba. He also shared that he thought it was just a joke but only became a believer after he and his mother caught the virus, and only then he realized how serious it is. 

3. Sky Is Living Her Best Life

We haven’t seen or heard much from Sky after she left the show. According to Ceaser, “her brother,” Sky is living her best life in Los Angeles, is a “hippy,” and is living her best life. 

Good for her. 

4. Ceaser looked out for Sky’s son

Speaking of Sky, Ceaser also revealed that her son moved in with him and took care of him while he was sick. Ceaser says the young man has since moved out, got a job and his own place. 

Salute to Ceaser for looking out. 

5. Teddy Shares More Info On His “Marriage”

Teddy reluctantly shared more info on his “marriage” to his Korean boo. He revealed they didn’t actually tie the knot and that it was more of a “hood marriage.” He says whenever his girl is ready to have a big ceremony, he is down. We shall see about that. 

6. Ceaser Says He & Ryan Deaded The “Kitty Beef”

According to the tattoo shop mogul, the beef between himself and 9 MAG owner Ryan Henry over Kitty is dead. Now, honestly, we still don’t understand to this day why Ceaser was mad in the first damn place about single-as-hell Kitty doing her bothered him so much in the first damn place. 

Still, he did take a shot at Ryan, claiming that nobody would even know about Henry and his shop if it wasn’t for him. We would love to hear what Ryan thinks about that.

7. Ceaser Has Once Again Found Love

Ceaser opened up about his new boo and explained the two were friends before they decided to become romantically involved. Marc Lamont Hill even got Ceaser to admit that he is in love with his new boo-thang. 

8. Donna Has Found A New Calling… Feet Pics

Tattooing really isn’t her thing. Let’s just keep it real, so Donna has found a new income source, and that is selling pictures of her feet. She claims that she makes a good amount of money selling pictures of her toes, and her boyfriend Alex has no issue with it either.

9. Alex Has Officially Changed His Name

The Vagina Slayer is no more, Alex announced he has officially changed his name to A The Slayer and yes it’s a really corny monicker. 

10. Tatti Says There Is No Issue With Walt After He Allegedly Slid In Her DMs

Remember when Tatti tried to ruin Walt’s relationship by unnecessarily sharing that Walt slid in her DMs? We don’t either. Apparently, the whole thing was about setting up a threesome, and it wasn’t serious at all. Walt’s wife, who made an appearance virtually during the special, shot it all down because she could care less.