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Twitter Confused About Ryan's Love Life During #BlackInkChi Season Finale

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz/VH1

Well, that was fast, the season finale for Black Ink Crew: Chicago has arrived, and it left viewers scratching their heads wondering who Ryan Henry is claiming as his boo thang.

The final episode left us with more questions than answers it would seem, and we will touch on all of that. We did get some clarity in three situations that played out during the season.

We finally learned if Phor is the daddy of a teenage girl that possibly could have been the product of a sexual encounter he had while hiding in a closet with the girl’s mother while he was a teenager himself. The results finally came back, revealing that Phor is not the young girl’s dad.

Both Phor and the girl’s mother, Nashauna, are relieved to have some clarity, but Iyanah isn’t and refuses to leave the van. Phor eventually goes outside to break the news to Iyanah herself, and she doesn’t seem pleased, but he promises to stay in touch with her as a friend or a mentor.

Last week, we found out 2nd City Ink was looking real shaky due to the fact the Charmaine dropped the ball when it came to getting the shop licensed. Draya learned from Jess — who is currently back home in London — that she could lose her tattooing license as a result of working in a shop that has not been approved by the department of health. Draya was pissed and confronted Charmaine about it during her boss’ baby shower and got cursed out for efforts. So Draya decided to go speak with Ryan and explained to him what was going on, and he offered her a guest spot in his shop until Charmaine can get everything squared away.

While Draya is out working in 9MAG behind her back, Charmaine and the crew, which now includes Prince, who we thought was in the slammer is prepping for their big inspection.

It was a super tense moment with the inspector pointing out some violations, but the shopped passed, which means the shop is back in business.

This takes us to a restaurant opening. Everyone is there to support a local chef who has been a friend of the old 9MAG. Armed with the excellent news about 2nd City Ink, Charmaine decides it would be a good time to talk to Draya about the incident at the baby shower. Charmaine apologizes to Draya for cursing her out but explains she was under a lot of stress and was not feeling Draya’s timing. Charmaine says Draya is always good at 2nd City Ink because she is currently the only female artist she has and that she can come back because the shop passed its inspection. Things go left immediately when Draya reveals that she has been working at 9MAG, Charmaine snatches her goodwill back like T.I. did that chain he gave New New in the movie ATL.

After cursing out Draya, Charmaine confronts Ryan about having one of her artists work at his shop behind her back. Ryan explains he didn’t have any kind of malicious intent when he allowed Draya to guest spot at his shop, and only did it keep her in Chicago, allowing Charmaine to get her shop together.

Phor and Don also saw the moment as an excellent opportunity to finally clear the air with Charmaine. She explains to Don that she was hurt about him spreading the lie about her having sexual relations with Van, but he insists he didn’t start the rumor, but he is sorry for his behavior.

Phor gives an impassioned speech about being sad about not being able to talk to Charmaine because she was there for him when he was suicidal and just wants to move past their issues.

After the intense heart-to-heart, Ryan, Phor, Don, and Charmaine hug it out.

Van eventually walks in the spot, and he sees Charmaine, and she tells him that she is cool with Ryan, Don, and Phor and tells him to go talk to them. Van looks absolutely ridiculous by the way, and when he approaches his former 9MAG brothers, there is clearly no love lost between them. Van and Don have a discussion about who started the rumor with the both of them blaming each other with Don, eventually telling Van to keep his name out of his mouth before walking away. Ryan and Phor follow behind, leaving Van looking dumb.

Last but certainly not least, we focus on Ryan’s head-scratching love life. During a talk with his therapist earlier in the episode, she basically tells him he won’t be whole until he finds someone to come home to, and he has some unfinished business with his ex.

The million-dollar question?  Is that person Kitty? Well, the two do speak at the event with Ryan explaining he does like the “friendship” they do have, and he likes having her around plus saying, “they are in a relationship.” Ummmm okay.

We zap to the end of the episode, and we see Ryan hanging out with his son and Rachel. Ryan tells her that he can’t move on until he lets her go. Rachel admits she is not ready to move on and is prepared to work on “what both of them always wanted.” We then are taken to footage of them on a “family vacation,” looking like a couple again leaving us asking? What the hell happened to Kitty?

Interestingly enough, when Black Ink Crew returns, Ceaser will finally confront Ryan about him dating his ex, Kitty.

Again more questions than answers, you can peep all the reactions to the Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s season finale in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz/VH1