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Scrapp Wants No Parts of Tiarra's Box Offering On #LHHATL

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Last week Moniece finally made her Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta debut, and we learned her and Scrapp are smashing. This week the secret “relationship” is out the bag, and one particular person is going to pissed about it.

The episode opens up with Karlie Redd paying a visit to her ex Joc’s morning radio show for an interview. Despite knowing Redd is engaged when he notices her ring for the first time, he still decides to flirt with her and ask her questions about her sex life with her fiance. Once the flirting stops, Karlie decides to invite her former lover to her engagement party cause that isn’t weird at all.

Staying with Karlie, we also learn that she and her fiance are trying to have a son immediately cause she is not getting any younger, but she will have to endure a robust process to make that happen.

We head to Joc’s house, and we learn he has a new girlfriend and she is an immigration lawyer working on becoming a judge. She is a bit fed up with her boyfriend because despite acting like he’s a “changed man” he still acts like he is single. She just wants to attend the Love & Hip Hop parties with her man, but Joc wants to shield her from the mess and protect her career. So basically he is “protecting” her from the reality show world. Well anyway, she conveniently finds the invite to Karlie’s engagement party and thinks it will be the perfect place for Joc to introduce her to all of his ratchet friends.

With that out of the way, we link up with Tiarra, and Akbar V who we find out are good friends. The ladies are supposed to working out but as you know on this show nobody every works out, its just an excuse to spill the tea. Tiarra tells the aspiring rapper and mother of five that she is thirsty for Scrapp and plans on throwing him a welcome home party. This situation is even more interesting because Akbar V knows about Moniece and Scrappy but opts to keep that juicy information to herself and just sit and listen to a woman gush over a man that doesn’t even want her.

Last episode Momma Dee banished Bambi’s mom Cece to a Motel 6, and the reverberations of that action are still being felt. Bambi runs to the hotel to have a conversation with her momma and tell her about herself and at the same time save her from the motel.

Scrapp has a conversation with his mom and tells her both herself, and Bambi’s mom has to get along if they want to see their grandson. The two agree and they bury the hatchet for the sake of a short-lived truce the comes to an end when Scrapp says that Cece can stay with him and Bambi in their new house. Momma Dee is jealous but Scrappy points out that she has her own damn home she can stay in.

Now it’s time to celebrate at Scrapp’s “welcome halfway home party.” He doesn’t clearly want to be there and just turning down Tiarra’s advances left and right. When she offers him the key to her crib and her vagina Scrapp decides it’s time for him to go.

Scrapp gets a message from his new boo Moneice and sneaks out to meet with her who arrives in the nick of time to pick him up and take him back to the halfway house. He informs his brother of his plan and covers fro Scrapp after he leaves with Tiarra wondering where the hell he is going?

Still fuming about Scrapp leaving the party without saying a word to her, Tiarra decides to stop by Scrapp’s sister’s house to get some answers. It’s this moment he finally reveals to the mother of his son that he is indeed sleeping with Moniece and she loses it. Not trying to get in trouble cause he is on probation, he removes himself from the situation while Tiarra is kicked out of the house and tries to get back in by banging on the door. Scrapp wants nothing with the mess that is going on.

Of course, viewers had some thoughts about what they witnessed. You can hit the gallery below for the best reactions to the mess that went down on Monday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty