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Moniece Slaughter Makes Her 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Debut

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Mona is moving Love & Hip Hop cast members around like chess pieces. Moniece Slaughter who has been around the block on these shows has made it to Atlanta fresh off her diet of vag only, and she is now helping herself to a healthy serving of felon peen.

The episode opens up with somewhat free Scrapp Deleon getting a visit from Tiarra and his son. She missed her child’s father because she was literally throwing herself all over him, but Scrapp wanted nothing to do with her (we will explain why in a second. She wants to throw  Scrapp a welcome home party, but he informs due to the stipulations of his release it would have to be a house party because he can only be at his recently discovered sister’s house or his mom’s residence.

We finally catch up with Tokyo Vanity who is excited because she partnered with her friend Supa for her own cosmetics line. As with any “milestone” on Love & Hip Hop, there has to be a launch party to celebrate the occasion. We quickly find out that Che Mack is back with a new baby, new teeth and a new passion as a DJ.

Moniece Slaughter also pops up at the party and reveals she is in Atlanta to work on her music (insert eye roll gif) as well as see a man she is dating but stays tight-lipped when it comes to spilling the details on who it is. Us watching already knows its Scrapp, and that is the main reason Deleon didn’t want any of what Tiarra was offering.

Scrappy is also back, but he is not 100%. The rapper was involved in a very serious car accident where his foot got crushed. His injury resulted in him, his pregnant wife Bambi and her mother Cece moving into Momma Dee’s castle for the time being. As you can imagine there is only one throne and Momma Dee does not tolerate anyone challenging her reign. The two matriarchs of each family do not see eye to eye at all, Bambi’s mom thinks Momma Dee does entirely too much while Momma Dee thinks Momma Bambi is just a complete nag.

Momma Dee is trying to be civil with Momma Bambi, but she eventually reaches her breaking point kicking her out of the palace and checking her into a Motel 6. Have to give it to Momma Dee she is absolutely hilarious.

With the shows original crazy chick Tommie currently all tangled up in the legal system and battling her own set of demons, Mona needed to fill in the void, and she recruits aspiring rapper Akbar V. Akbar a no-nonsense individual who is known to get into altercations and even beefed with Tommie at one point. She was also shot in the head as well, so she is definitely about that life. But to be fair, Akbar wants to leave all of that behind and focus on her music and get back her five children who are scattered with relatives like Infinity Stones and give them a better life. To do so she needs to get out of the hood and her cousin Kandi Burruss gives her a head start by spotting her the first and last month of rent on her new apartment.

Finally, the episode ended with friends Sierra and Tokyo Vanity nearly coming to blows in Vanity’s apartment. Things between the two got rocky when Sierra invited friends to join her to work out, and Tokyo was one of them. Sierra should have known from the jump Tokyo was not going to the session seriously wearing a Gucci headband and socks. Anyway, after about a few sets, Tokyo gives up and decides to leave because she better things to do with her time and Sierra was not feeling her exit and her lack of enthusiasm when it came to working out.

Flash forward to the showdown in Tokyo’s crib. Sierra revealed she was obese at one point and almost was diagnosed with diabetes, but lifestyle changes and losing 60 pounds helped her avoid having to take insulin shots. Tokyo isn’t trying to hear it and feels it would be hypocritical of her to be trying to lose weight when she is an advocate for self-love and body positivity. Things go from 0-100 real quick when Sierra snatches the bowl of pasta from Tokyo and dumps it, to make sure her friend doesn’t get another bowl she pours out the entire pan in the compactor. Tokyo is understandably livid and kicks Sierra out of her home.

Of course, the internet had some thoughts about the episode, you can view all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Vincent Sandoval / Getty