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LHHATL Star Spice "Lightens" Skin To Call Out Colorism

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is back, and for the season premiere Mona gave us 2-hours to get us reacquainted with the crew from the A. Things immediately pick up with international Reggae star Spice at a performance. We quickly learn that she and Tokyo are friends and have put whatever issues they had last season behind them. After her show, the two friends sit down with a guy named Vaughn who works in the industry who says for Spice’s career to take off stateside she needs a “new look.” The singer didn’t take to kindly to the suggestion, and both her and Tokyo went off on the gentleman, but we will find out later his words did indeed resonate with her.

Despite the “anger” at the mere notion of changing her look, Spice is not in a good place at the moment because her career has hit a snag in the states. She really wants her career to pop off so she can reunite with her children who are home in Jamaica. She makes the decision she is will to do whatever it takes to make it big and if that means bleaching her skin so be it. Karlie stops by, and she opens up to her revealing she misses her children and how hard it is trying to support her family as a single parent.

With her mind made up Spice visits a dermatologist to inquire about bleaching her skin. The doctor warns her about the severe risks of skin bleaching and informs her she would have to get a psychological evaluation as part of the procedure. Spice is insulted and gets upset with the doctor who is just doing her job and storms out at the idea she would need to have her head checked before lightning her skin. We are just confused as to why she got so upset in the first place.

Despite everyone disagreeing with the idea, Spice goes on with her plan anyway. Now, remember she deleted all of her pictures on Instagram and debuted her new look on in IG Live video. It turned out the whole thing was some sort of “social experiment” to speak on the issues of colorism within the black community leading up to her single “Black Hypocrisy.” Now in the show, she debuts her new look during a photoshoot to Karlie, Mimi, and Rasheeda. Now she didn’t go through with the actual bleaching, she was wearing the white makeup on her skin.

Karlie couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and Mimi and Rasheeda were totally upset with her decision. A small argument ensues between Mimi and Spice with Reggae star claiming her bleaching her skin is the same as Mimi getting her breast done (it is not). When Spice suggests Mimi doesn’t understand her struggle because she is not as Black as her the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta vet goes off before leaving.

Staying with Mimi, we find out that she was the victim of a home invasion and encounters a man sitting in her car who then shoots at her. Stevie J who is now married to Faith Evans during a night out with his wife and his daughter Eva asks her about the situation, and she breaks it down for him. Now Mimi inquiring about how her daughter’s time with her father gets upset when she learns that Faith was also there.

Screaming Mimi links up with Stevie and lets him have because she is not too happy to learn that Eva met his wife before her. Mr. Faith Evans isn’t too bothered by Mimi screaming at him and suggests his daughter’s mother is just jealous because he didn’t marry her.

Anyway, Mimi and Faith finally meet up the two get along with Mimi liking the fact that Evans keeps her husband in check.

We zap to Karlie Redd, and she has engaged again with a man whom she only been seeing for five months. While she is in a good place in her life right now, someone is waiting to ruin her happiness, and that person is Pooh Hicks. Hicks is married to Hiriam Hicks, and she is feeling some type of way because Karlie whom she considered a friend didn’t extend an invite to her upcoming engagement party. As expected this friendship turns out to be an unusual one because the Hicks are basically swingers and Pooh says Karlie got down with her and her husband.

Pooh stops by Karlie’s store to find out why she didn’t get an invite and Redd tells Hicks she is on new energy and she doesn’t want her clout chasing self around. The two get into a back and forth with Redd denying she had any type of sexual relations with Pooh and her husband. Before Pooh leaves the store, she tells Karlie to kiss her ass like she did before.

Last but certainly not least, Scrapp is a free man, well almost a free for the most part. He is definitely out of jail but has to stay in a halfway house because his brother and Karen King (his mother) both have records and they can’t sign for his release. His mom reveals that there might be a way to work around that and admits that he has a half-sister a by-product of his father stepping out on his mom. Scrapp eventually meets his dad whom he thought was dead because Karen told him he was. As you can imagine the first meeting was a bit tense, but the father and son came to an understanding.

Things will only get interesting for Scrapp as the season goes along when Moniece shows up, and we can’t wait. Oh yeah, Kirk and Rasheeda are still annoying and “married.” Of course, Twitter had thoughts about the LHHATL premiere, hit the gallery below to see what the internet had to say.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty