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Rasheeda Says She Cheated On Kirk In 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Trailer

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

With both Love & Hip Hop: New York and Miami out of the way, its time to head back to Atlanta and based on this super trailer things are going to be absolutely M E S S Y.

The gangs all here plus some players to get down with the foolishness we have all come to expect when this cast gets together.

Right off the bat, we see Mimi has a problem with Stevie J introducing their daughter to his new wife Faith Evans before her. The couple who were cordial with each other lately seems to be heading back to the good old days when they could stand each other. We also find out that Mimi was shot at by someone trying to break into her home but did not tell Stevie about the incident. He seems very pissed about that after learning about the scary situation from his child.

Arguably one of reality television’s most annoying couples Rasheeda and Kirk are still going strong despite her husband stepping out her numerous times. Rasheeda even warms up to Kirk’s new son welcoming him into the Frost household, but she reveals a secret when she says that she also cheated in their relationship. Still doesn’t excuse Kirk but we can’t wait to hear all the details about that.

Scrapp DeLeon is out of jail, he’s not entirely free cause he has to stay at a halfway house and is only allowed to leave for a few hours a day. Turns out that is more than enough time to get into trouble with the women in his orbit. While the mother of his child is happy to see him giving him the key to her goodies, turns out he’s been seeing Moneice Slaughter as well. So with this appearance, she has been on all of the Love and Hip Hop properties, she’s gotta get some sort of prize for that.

International Reggae music star Spice is looking to boost her career, and to do so she feels the need to do a publicity stunt bleaching her skin, but her friends are not rocking with the idea. Scrappy and Bambi are happy and are awaiting the arrival of their child, but their mothers can’t seem to get along. Tokyo Vanity’s weight is becoming an issue with friends, Joc has a new boo and Karlie who is now engaged is embroiled in a love triangle involving a threesome she says did not partake in.

Oh its all so messy, you can watch it all go down in the super trailer below and catch the season 8 premiere of  Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on VH1 March 25.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty