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Part 1 of the Love and Hip Hop: New York Reunion show was cool, but we were all waiting for the part 2 cause Safaree showed up, and he straiiiiggghhhttt wanted all of the smoke.

Things pick up immediately with the Safaree taking his seat on the stage with his fellow cast members, and you can tell he is over it. He claims he showed up late due to a family emergency, but we really know why he could care less about the show. As we saw in previews, things get heated very quickly between Joe Budden, Cyn Santana, and Safaree with the engaged couple letting the “Hunnids” rapper they were not feeling him not telling them Erica Mena was in Costa Rica with them. Safaree accuses Joe of being fake and only turning up for the camera, Cyn steps in to back her man and calm things down. Joe reassures he’s not gonna put Safaree’s face in the sand cause he has too much to lose in doing so.

Eventually, they make up after Cyn and Safaree come to an understanding. He then explains that he is only protecting his future wife by not wanting to talk about her with anyone and we completely understand that.

But as one fire is put out another one is still raging on when Nina turns around and asks Rich Dollaz whats the issue between him and Safaree. Mr. Dollaz is still feeling some sort of way because he feels Safaree was lying to him about dating Erica Mena despite her being as he describes it “many n*ggas removed” from him.

Safaree, still on one, disses Rich’s pants calling them tight, and that was enough to get the leader of the creep squad out his seat and hop over a table to try and put paws on the Nicki Minaj’s former hypeman. Of course, security was on hand to make sure that no punches were thrown and cooler heads prevail, but it’s clear there will still be tension between the two men.

Despite all of that, Safaree had some allies in his fight in Yandy who understood her friend’s stance on the situation and from Remy who like all of us wondered why everyone is so mad about someone whom they didn’t even see? Once we get past that its time from Mariahlynn vs. Nya Lee pt.2. The two reality starlets beef is still sizzling with Lee going a bit too far talking Mariah’s mom after the “Money Gun” rapper spoke about Nya Lee’s scars. Again only words were exchanged, and no reality stars were harmed in the filming of the show.

Another weird moment took place between Jonathan and Sidney Starr. During the season the two got along very well, but during the reunion show, things get incredibly spicy between the two with after Starr said the celebrity makeup artist is “messy” (he can be) and he responded by lashing out at her. In response to Starr labeling him, he accused her duping straight men who still don’t know she’s packing down below which was a bit unfair.

Twitter had many thoughts on the whole Safaree vs. everyone situation pretty much siding with him as well as the other moments on the show. You can see what the internet had to say about pt.2 of the Love and Hip Hop: Reunion show in the gallery below.

Photo: Matteo Marchi / Getty